Friday, April 26, 2013

Seeds and Seasons

It's time...for Garden Fazool!

Here is this year's new seed selection from my fave seed purveyor, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:
 Ragged Jack Kale, Lettuce Leaf Basil, Borage, Tina James' Magic Primrose, Tall Orange Sun(flowers), 
Red Romaine Lettuce the *free gift* Grandpa's Home Hot Peppers and Sweet Marjoram.

Kinda excited for borage! It's so pretty when it comes in. 

Grandpa's Home...we miss you Grandpa Jim!  I'll plant some hot peppers in your memory this year.

Here's another reason to love Baker Creek.  They actually mailed me back $2 since they ended up being out of the sunflowers my son picked (sonflowers, haha) out after I had already ordered and paid for them.  I love that they just sent cash.  Old school!

I have to do some planning and see what's going to go where this year.  Then I have to plant it! :-) It seems late, but it's still totally fine if you haven't started your garden yet.  Just get to the earlier season items in the next week or two and you'll be fine.

To see what happens to seeds after you plant them, here are all of my gardening posts from the last two seasons!

Last Season, 2012:
April, 2012: Overall garden plan and early plantings and The Hell Strip*
*I highly recommend that fencing, worked great at keeping kids and dogs out
May, 2012: Mother's Day Planters (Oh, and here's who was nibbling on my runner beans!)
June/July 2012 (well, really the last day of June, so almost July): An amazing explosion of buds and bounty!  It's hard to imagine that is just two short months away...
August, 2012: A GIANT sunflower in the picture mid-post. OMG. We planted those seeds this year! Gosh, last summer was SO super hot.  Hoping (hoping!) for a more temperate summer this year (even a few degrees cooler makes such a difference).
There weren't that many gardening posts last year because I was focused on my CSA box!

Two ago, 2011:
April, 2011: Found this guy on the side of my (then new) house! It's lovage! I love lovage!
May, 2011: I did a LOT of work that month to prepare some new gardening areas around my house. I grew some stuff from seed, dug a new garden and planned out the plantings.  Then, I planted the starters in the new "rainbow" garden, then I dug another garden (that year it had tomatoes) and planted that, too.  There was action and trouble, and a thorough exploration of everything that was growing in my front yard.
June, 2011:  June is amazing.  Every year!
July, 2011: July was over the top!
August, 2011: The month of the Monster Fig!

What are you guys growing this year?


  1. Jealous! I wish we had a garden. Kale is so hard to get here during summer, I thinl I would plant a whole field.

    1. Hi Mihl, I hear you! I'm hoping the groundhogs don't eat all my kale this year. I can't actually grow as many things as I would like because in addition to too much shade in my backyard where most of my space is, we have huge groundhogs that mow down leafy plants close to the ground (but they don't seem to like Swiss chard, I'm hoping they also dislike kale!). Squirrels are abundant, too, and ate all my tomatoes last year just as they were getting ripe, and the birds and ants eat my figs :-)

      I sort of work with it by planting herbs, brascia family stuff and hot peppers (hoping that nothing likes to eat those things) in narrow, long patches along the sides of my house (they get more sun). My front yard gets a lot of sun (where the lavender and the fig tree are), and the squirrels and g'hogs don't seem to like most of the herbs I plant (but a g'hog ate all my cilantro last year right before I was going to harvest it!). I really need to dig up what I don't want in the front there and re-plant.

      Ahhhhh, gardening! :-)

  2. Alas I live in a second floor flat with nary a spot of green near me, so no growing over here, but I'll be enjoying your garden experiments from afar!