Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grillin' and Gardenin'

A thing of beauty!
 Grilled, Caramelized Onions
They are easy! On a large piece of foil, put thinly sliced Vidalia (or any sweeter onion) inside, add tiny bits of cubed butter (EB or whatever you like) probably about 1 Tbs per every two onions, organic brown sugar (about 1 tsp. per sliced onion), and sea salt (sprinkle generously over the onions).  Mix with your hands.  Fold up the foil into a nice packet.  Add another piece of foil and wrap again, sealing up all the seams.  Grill until tender and as caramelized as you want them.  

Here's the foil packet as I was about to open it.  You can see I unfolded the left side already.  

Other wonderful things to grill in the packet:
 Fresh, Jersey Asparagus (peeled, French style :-)

 Green Beans with Salt and Sesame Oil 

Really, any food that will fall through the grill cracks can be grilled in a foil packet.  Don't forget it! Just add your seasonings and a little oil, mix with your hands, and fold up that packet.  Yeah!

And, some gardening for you.  I made Mother's Day planters for my mom, my husband's mom, and my sister:
 Planted with Organic Basil and Organic Chives.  
My son picked out the pots, I loved them!

My planter:
Also basil & chives.  This way I don't have to go outside to get them! I think I threw in a bunch of arugula, too, so, it's gonna be crazy in there.

Also, my artichokes have "taken," and I see new growth on them, my Scarlet Runners were raided by something that ate all the leaves off 3/5 of my plants (but left the two healthiest, largest ones), I have tons of primroses blooming, my fig tree is leafing out like crazy, and I put in my Zucchini Garden with four hierloom zucchini plants!

What are you guys cooking & planting?


  1. Onions on the grill are the best.. and well, asparagus is too.. love grilling season!

  2. So jealous I might just have to get a grill. The onions look incredible!

    1. No grill? You can do the onions in a hot oven, too, of course, but if you have room outside, you should go for a grill! Charcoal grills are pretty cheap (just a metal box with a rack to put hot coals in, really).

      We've only been able to use our grill now that we have a (barely) big enough yard. Charcoal grilling makes a LOT of smoke (especially when, like us, you use a chimney starter in lieu of lighter fluid--someone call the Fire Department!)