Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Fazool: Over the Top

If you guys remember, in April, I planted organic tomatoes from seed:

Dug a little tomato garden:

And put the one month old seedlings in (this was in May)...

And today, here is what we've got:

Tomatoes reaching over the top of my fence! 

 Tons of little, green marbles :-) 

Starting to redden...

And the figs, you ask? Here's the tree two months ago:

And now?

And it's loaded with figs!

Does anyone have ripe, red tomatoes already? Anyone with ripe figs yet? My figs seem particularly slow to ripen (though that may be a factor of the enormous amount of fruit on the tree at one time, and the coolish summer we've had (until now, of course :-).

Stay cool in this heat! Yesterday it was so hot and hazy that all my pics came out with a fog over them.  It was 103 yesterday, but this was taken in the evening when it had "cooled" to 100

Today, still very hot but a bit more tolerable at about 92 in the shade this morning.

Have a great week!  I'll try to get a food post up soon, I've got lots of stuff to share!
<3 Dawn


  1. I like your marbles! Although I may start hating you when they turn red. Only kidding. I think. ;)

  2. Ha! Hopefully they are getting enough sun to ripen properly, that's my only concern...I'll keep you guys posted, of course.

  3. Update: they seem to be gettin' ripe just fine, though still slow. I ate a few and they are awesome! The waiting is killing me, though.