Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Black Bean Burgers of New Jersey

I developed a NO sauté NO food processor veggie burger and I am so proud!  It is also (mostly) gluten free, as I don't particularly like vital wheat gluten in vegan burgers sometimes.  You could sub for the breadcrumbs with oats ground up in your food processor or more chickpea flour or other gluten free flour. And, it's soy free, for those of you who are allergic to soy! These are super easy and taste fantastic.  Perfect for the 4th of July weekend that is quickly approaching!  Bring your vegan treasures to an omnivorous party and watch them get gobbled up (make a double batch if you are taking them to a barbeque!).  Try to use as many organic ingredients as you can, but if you don’t have any on hand, conventional ones are OK.  Enjoy!

AWESOME Black Bean Burgers of New Jersey J
Soy free, (mostly) gluten free, pretty much work free :-)

2 cans black beans (organic if possible!!)
1 cup corn (frozen or fresh)
2 garlic cloves, chopped
½ sweet onion, chopped
½ cup chopped organic, fire roasted, red peppers (jarred in water) or roast fresh ones if u want.
1 tsp oregano
2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp salt (I use coarse Kosher salt, you can also use sea salt)
1 tablespoon Cholula hot sauce (more if you want it spicier)
½ cup garbanzo bean (chickpea) flour
½ cup bread crumbs (freshly made if possible)
¼ cup freshly chopped cilantro (if you have it)
2 Ener-G egg replacer eggs (3 tsp egg replacer powder and 4 tablespoons of water)

In a small bowl, whisk the egg replacer powder and water until it is creamy and frothy. Set aside.

Drain and rinse beans in a colander.  Place in a large bowl (where all your ingredients will fit) and mash with a fork.  Add the rest of the ingredients and the egg replacer mixture. Mix it up with a big spoon or just with your hands. That’s it.

You can let it rest at this point in the refrigerator if you want to (or need to) for an hour or so or even up to overnight.  Some folks say resting in the fridge makes it easier to shape veggie burgers.  Or, you can just go ahead and make it into burgers without resting it (which is what I did).  I use a large oxo scoop to grab the burger mixture (way overflowing over the scoop, I just use it to help eyeball the size) so they are all about the same size. Then I roll them into balls in my hands and flatten them on the baking sheet or tray. Done.

You can bake, grill or sauté these burgers when you are ready. 

To Grill:
I use a disposable aluminum baking pan that fits in my grill. I line it with extra foil, and generously oil the foil with olive oil.  Put the raw burgers on your prepared baking tray and place on your grill.  I used a hot fire (I have a charcoal grill, so the fire is hot, but you can use lower heat if you have a gas grill) and grilled about 6 minutes or a little longer on the first side with the lid down.  Be sure to brush them with olive oil before you flip them over inside the pan, and then grill another few minutes until golden on the second side.  That's it!

To Bake: Line a baking sheet with foil (you don’t have to but it makes clean up a lot easier) and brush generously with olive oil.  Put the burgers on and brush the tops with olive oil.  Bake at 400 for 10 minutes.  Flip, bake another 10 minutes.  You want them nice and brown on both sides (or at least that’s how I like them!).

Or, sauté: on medium heat in olive oil until golden on each side, again, about 6 minutes or so per side.

Serve with sliced avocado, fresh cilantro, vegan mayo or vegan sour cream (like Tofutti’s brand, which is excellent) and extra hot sauce, or any burger topping you like!

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!!!


  1. These sound good, Dawn! I'm going to try them this weekend!

  2. Wow, I'm so excited that you want to try them, Bryanna! Let me know how they come out!

  3. Try them and let me know, Catherine!

  4. They look great! But I'm too lazy to make my own. :)

  5. Oh these looks scrumptious. Added them to my to-try list!

  6. Have Gone Vegan, I am lazy, too! Most veggie burgers require at least two additional steps, either sauteeing various veggies (like onion, garlic, etc.) to add to the burger and/or using the food processor to blend some or all of the ingredients and I got really sick of doing all of that and THEN finally making the burgers.

    My burger requires only a big bowl and the ingredients (and a little bowl for the egg replacer, but you could use a coffee cup, who cares?). It doesn't get lazier than that!! Hell, don't even bother rinsing the beans, it won't matter :-)

    You can do it!! <3 Dawn

  7. Yum! I'm going to make these after my fast! Simple and delicious sounding!

  8. Hi Pamela! So excited that you want to try these! Let me know how they come out. I love this recipe, and I love not sauteeing and/or dirtying my food processor to make them.

    Good luck with your fast!

  9. I went for frenchies mustard, bernaise sauce and pickles (this always makes me chuckle Food Truck Catering

    1. Delish! BTW, pickles are no laughing matter. I love pickles. :)