Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garden Fazool: Growing Up!

In a mere nine days, my garden has done so much growing up!

Nine days ago:

 Tomatoes up to the second rung on the cages...

 Rainbow garden still SO painfully slow.  And no rainbow chard seems to have made it :-( 
Must have been the lousy asphalt ridden soil I was hitting when I dug it up, they couldn't put strong roots down...

 Rogue sunflower :-) reseeded itself from last year!

 Fig tree coming along nicely.

We started another herb bed along the side of the house.

And now, only NINE days later, look what we've got:

 Rogue sunflower is about six feet tall, or more!

 We got a visitor, maybe brown-eyed coreopsis? Not sure, but I love it!

 Fig tree looking good and teeny tiny fig buds can be seen at all the joints!!!

 Hydrangea blooming!

 Tomatoes growing up over the tops of the cages!!! 

 Remember the fourth tomato plant that was getting whaled on by the flea beetles? Well, the cayenne pepper worked and now it is healthy and thriving (though still a tiny bit smaller than my other plants).

My future tomatoes.

 Slowly but surely (at least the basil likes it OK in the "Rainbow Garden" ;-)

 Cheater plants from Lowes.  I threw in some basil and parsley seed, too, but no action yet...

 Another pic of my tomatoes! Tiger lillies blooming in the back!

 Thistle, I think.

 Double Yellow Coreopsis ("Jethro Tull" Coreopsis!)

 Nice shot of the front yard.

 Butterfly weed (Orange Milkweed). The bees LOVE it.  It is always covered with honeybees and bumblebees!

 The Bee Balm is flowering (Thanks, Jane!)

Skipper in the lavender.

Momma groundhog's entrance to our yard! I tried to block it up with bricks, but she just shoved them to the side! She only eats our clover, so it doesn't really matter, anyway.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, enjoy the first week of summer!


  1. How are the tomatoes doing? She asks jealously. ;)

  2. Pretty good (they are reddening very slowly, though). Working on the update post now!