Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toaster Oven Tofu

You can bake tofu in the toaster oven.  It works very well and it doesn't heat the whole house up!  Awesome.  Wish I thought of it last summer, but anyway...

I marinated mine in a delish orange/sesame-ish marinade: fresh organic orange zest/orange juice from two whole oranges, organic tamari, fresh chopped garlic, brown rice syrup, and some toasted sesame oil and water to bring up the volume.  Then I toasted it on an olive oiled, tin foil lined tray, perfection! Served with coconut rice (leftover coconut milk from making ice cream with the cream :-) and steamed peas.

What did you guys make on this steamy night? We've got at least two or three more of these boilers to go, so let's get some ideas going...

Maybe this for tomorrow night?  Another vegan toaster oven special :-)

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  1. Pita pizza? I finally discovered that this summer! Perfect because they fit right in the toaster oven, are quick, easy, and don't warm up the house. I put canned pizza sauce (cuz I'm lazy), spinach (from frozen package thawed in microwave -- again, lazy), tomato, bell pepper if I have it and Daiya cheese (yum) on mine.