Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back In The Kitchen

Tonight's Dinner:
 These are Tony's Noodles with organic, whole wheat spaghetti (you can make them with agave instead of honey if you like).  Perfect for a 90 degree evening.

Isa's Vanilla Ice Cream from Veganomicon, tastes like Bryer's, seriously!!  I required ice cream tonight.

Cooks Note: If you make it, play it safe and don't add the vanilla until the very end. If you add it at the beginning, it may never freeze totally due to the alcohol in the vanilla extract.  It depends which extract and probably which machine you are using, but I use Penzey's extract and also tried McCormick and it happened both times.  Then, I decided to just add the extract at the VERY end of the ice cream maker's cycle. Now, perfection :-).

And, from my cooking adventures this weekend, 
The NO saute, NO food processor, Amazing Black Bean Burgers of New Jersey
 Recipe coming soon to this blog! :-) 

Classic Pesto Pasta Salad (with Campanelles) and Grape Tomatoes

Dreena Burton's Super Charge Me Cookies (from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan)
 These are unbelievable.  LOVE them.  

And, my friend, the ground hog making his holiday rounds.  
He just seems to eat my clover, not my plants, so for now, I'll leave him alone.

What have you all been making in this hot weather?

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