Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Fazool: Action in the Gardens!

They are not big enough to photograph, but I have seedling action in the Rainbow Garden! I see teeny tiny red stalks of rainbow Swiss chard and (I think) some baby basil seedlings.  No action yet on the carrot, cilantro or parsley (I don't think). SO exciting!

And, some unfortunate activity in the Tomato Garden, a creature of some kind likes to dig in there.  I found three divots, approximately two inch diameter and quarter inch deep, circle shaped, in the garden.  AND, one of the tomato plants had it's stalk severed (could have just broken in the rain, but I'm not sure).  The other three tomato plants are fine, leaves do not look at all tampered with on any of the plants.  I think it is probably a cat problem.  Groundhog would have made a bigger mess, I'm sure.

I hate the neighbors' cats.  There are several of them and we have had varying issues with them, including one that was spraying our car for weeks when we first moved in, YUCK.

Once it stops raining, I'm going to pour white vinegar around the perimeters of both gardens (I read that vinegar is a cat deterrent) and I'm going to fence them, I guess.

Any suggestions for fencing such teeny gardens?  The Rainbow Garden is about 3x5 feet and the Tomato Garden is about 2x5 feet.  Both have structures (the shed and the fence, respectively) along one side.

Any thoughts are appreciated as always! Enjoy the rest of the week. Tomorrow is already Thursday :-)


  1. Little cuties!! I'll snap a pick of my garden and bring it tomorrow. All my cool weather crops are in full swing and warm weather crops are going in! Potatoes are 1' foot deep already - its all the rain!

  2. Great! Can't wait to see it. I am still waiting to catch the creature (I'm sure it's a cat) in my tomatoes! ;-)