Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Fazool: Trouble with the Tomatoes!

Guys, somethin's gettin' my tomatoes!  I lost two this week.  The first two plants (starting on our left) bit the dust.  The plants looked like the stem had broken, and there were those divots I was telling you guys about before, like a cat or a groundhog was digging in there, and there were a few more paw-like prints in there today.  I thought the rain broke the first one in half, and the second one was just left there on the ground, looked more like an animal got it.  AND, the fourth plant has tiny holes in the leaves, bugs or something...

Here's a picture before the attacks:

Here is a picture of the last plant with the little holes in it:

So, losing the two to the naughty creatures and the one to the naughty bugs, I had hope.  I still had three plants left inside that I was going to transplant.  So, today I put two more into the garden, and then I poured white vinegar around the garden since it seems like it may have stopped raining.  AND I called my parents, pretty much master gardeners.  My dad has done landscaping for over fifty years and both my parents would grow a HUGE garden every summer for a long while.

My dad said a cut worm was likely to blame for the first two casualties, and the paw prints were probably raccoons or skunks digging for the cut worms (and for other grubs) at night.   He advised me to put paper towel rolls around the stems of the plants, so, done!  He wasn't sure what kind of pest was making the tiny holes, so I am trying just spraying it with a cayenne pepper solution (I just made it up, like one teaspoon cayenne to about one cup of water in the sprayer).  I also poured white vinegar around the outside of the garden to deter cats, raccoons or whatever else may not enjoy the scent.

Here's a picture of my organic pest deterrents:

Let's hope it works! 


  1. Oh dude, good luck! I have rotten little squirrels digging in my containers (and my yard). It's kind of slowed in the last week or two, but they jacked up my cilantro! Thinking of putting some chicken wire fences around my containers...


  2. Definitely fence 'em, Jess! Keep those suckers outta there!! What are you planting? All container? Let me know! I might put some containers out front. Got the gardening bug for sure. :-)