Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden Fazool: The English Garden

Wanted to share some pictures of my front yard.  It is in "English Garden" style and was planted mostly by the former owners who had gardening aesthetics akin to ours.  The former owner is a chef (house has a great kitchen) and his wife was into the gardening as well.

Here is the fig tree that is starting to leaf out!  I love how they just grow branches right below the cutting, out of what to some looks like a "dead" tree.  My neighbor made fun of me because I had pruned it way back (which is fine for fig trees) but I kept reassuring him the tree would be fine!  I need to keep the fruit where I can reach it once it starts yielding tons of delicious figs (like it did last year, hopefully!), so have to keep it pruned like that for any hope of reaching the fruit :-)

 And, don't know what these beauties are called, but aren't they GORGEOUS?

Mystery Plant #2...Looks intentionally planted, smells a bit like oregano, but certainly resembles weeds!

A close-up of the mystery plant.  What is this, guys? Anyone know? It seems like an edible.

My lovage is bolting, see?

Here are our Sidewalk Sunflowers!

Going to harvest the seeds this year.


And my lavender is about to bloom!

Not sure what this guy is sticking up out of my other flowers...

Here is my awesome, blue lacecap hydrangea:

Have a great Friday and a great weekend! If anyone knows what that mystery plant #2 is, please post below!!

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