Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smooth as Silk...Champagne Mangoes: prep and recipes!

Champagne Mangoes (aka Ataulfo mangoes) are here, guys! They are in from Mexico and I get them at my local Whole Foods.  They arrive in April and are only around for a few weeks, so go get some!  It's usually about $13 for a case (18) mangoes at WF.

Champagne mangoes have silky, smooth flesh and are not fibrous at all (like other types of mangoes).  They are sweet and rich in flavor making them perfect for eating.  They blend up as smooth as silk, too.  I prefer them as my "ice cubes" when I make blends (known to the rest of the world as "smoothies," *shudder*).

Here is a video tutorial on how to cut and clean your Champagne Mangoes. It was a one-take deal that I did this morning.

Freeze those babies!

I used them this morning in my green blend.
Here's the blend recipe:

The Wake, Bake and Blend, Blend!
(Thanks for the name, Jon!)

Makes about one serving:

1 pitted date, chopped
1 tsp. organic hemp seeds
(I used 1T per serving and it was a little too rich and nutty tasting for me)
About 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
1 big handful of raw, organic spinach leaves
1 cup organic soy milk or other non-dairy milk 
juice of one fresh, organic orange

Put that in your blender (or Vitamix or Blendtech) and blend away.


They also make a GREAT salsa!
Champagne Mango Salsa! 
(That link also has more info on the mangoes and on slicing, etc.)

Enjoy the weekend and this weather, everyone!


  1. I do love a good helping of mango salsa! Whenever I try and make it, it never keeps though - a good excuse to eat it all in one go I guess!

    How dumb am I - I never even thought about freezing the chunks. Instant fruit ice cubes are such a good idea!

    1. Definitely! I just make whatever quantity of salsa I want to eat. It doesn't keep very long, kinda like guacamole.

      The frozen mango chunks idea was born out of necessity! I had a case of perishable fruit and I didn't want to waste it, cubes were born :-) Turns out it works great in blends and baking (but I always use it in drinks).

      I may have to get another case as we ate and/or froze our first case already!

  2. I bought 10 on sale the other day! Can't let em go to waste, right? The smoothie sounds delicious.

    1. You may need to freeze some of those, but the frozen ones go as fast as the fresh (unfortunately!).

      The blend was good!


  3. the available crop here isnt that great yet. i cant wait to dig into some fresh ripe mangoes!

    1. And we can't wait to see your gorgeous posts about the mangoes when they ARE ripe! :-)