Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Soy Not "Oi!"

I HAD to make some peanutbutterchocolatechipcookies from Soy Not "Oi!" yesterday!
 Mixin' 'em up!

For those of you not familiar with this awesome, classic vegan cookbook designed to destroy the government, I highly recommend you check it out.  It's a great bargain for only $7! It's hilarious, has funny drawings, good tunes to listen to, and, of course, great vegan recipes by The Hippycore Krew!

Joel Olson has passed away :-(

The 25th anniversary edition of Soy Not Oi, Soy Not Oi 2 is forthcoming in his honor.  Get ready for more great vegan recipes, advice, stories and tunes (of course!).  There's even still time to contribute to the new edition if you are so inclined, check out Soy Not Oi's Facebook page or the link above!

Joel loved these cookies, and for good reason!

They do not disappoint! 

J@ck's Peanutbutterchocolatechip cookies, YUM. 

And I'm super excited to announce that my Pepita Beet Spread recipe will be included in Soy Not Oi 2!  The Krew loved it and I'm honored to have it in the book.
I hope it starts a Beet Revolution!  Never fear, beet-o-phobes!

 Pepita Beet Spread, OH YEAH.

If you are afeared of beets, all you have to do is...

Root down, ya'll!

'Cause, you know, a beet is a root :-)

What's your favorite song/recipe combo?


  1. If the promise of bringing down the government with a cookbook wasn't enough to sell it, those cookies definitely are! Does soy not oi ship to the UK?!

    1. Hi Joey! I'm not sure, check Anarchist Press's page and see! It's linked above (under "It's only $7," but here's the link:

      It's also available on Amazon if AKP doesn't ship to the UK!

      Get it, you won't be sorry! (and definitely save up to get a copy of SNO2, it's gonna be awesome!)


  2. Also on amazon (though not ideal)

    please join us on facebook or :)

    1. Hi Jack! Thanks for stopping by! And, don't worry, SNO's webpage and FB page are linked to in the post itself :)

      Here's to everyone eating as many pbcccs as possible!