Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garden Fazool, June 2012

As of June 30th, 2012...
 Zucchini Flowers on my Striata Zucchini (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)


Here they are in the Zucchini Garden that I put in this year (on May 8th.)
As of June 19th.

And, ten days later (June 29th), look how much they grew in ten days!

Quite a nice tomato going on the left, there, too.  That one was a gift from my realtor!

Thanks, Bob!

My Rainbow Chard (from seed), in the garden below:

Look at those artichokes! I'm not sure if they will flower or not, but they are cool looking.  And, my Scarlet Runners have taken off up the fence.  Here's the garden in April, it's hard to believe what happens in three months.

Scarlet Runner Flowering.

 Beans on the far side fence + another little tomato behind!

Tomatoes going very well along the side beds! 

And, all the flowers...
 Bee Balm

Not sure? It grew up in the front.  Kinda looks like a purple fox glove type flower.

The front!  Fig tree is on the far right behind that bloomed sunflower head.



Dark Horse.


I adore the sprightly blue flowers.

Lavender Flowers, With Bees.  

And, my fig tree, loaded with tender figs!
This is why I welcome the heat of summer.

What are you all hoping to harvest?


  1. Wow, you have a gorgeous and fruitful garden! Which one is the artichoke plant? Not sure I've ever seen them growing.
    So, so excited for yr fig tree. Have you gotten fruit from it before?

    1. Thanks! The artichokes are the thistle-y looking bushes on either side of the runner beans. If you click on the link to what they were like in April, you can see just the artichoke plants in the ground, which would make it easier to pick them out, I think.

      We have fruit every year from our fig tree! Sometimes one large crop, sometimes two (a "berber" crop and a main crop) depending on the weather. This is our third summer in our house and it came with the fig tree, which was a nice bonus. Not sure if these will take all summer to ripen, or if they will yield a berber crop and then another crop.

      You can see a monster fig from last year here:


  2. Who is the dude in the hat, in the top photo. Very cute!


    1. They are all Vegan Ranchers on my Homestead! :-)