Thursday, June 7, 2012

CSA Box #2: A Veritable Vegetable Volcano

So, I picked up my second CSA box of the season yesterday and OMG:

 Um, WHOAH! Red Leaf Lettuce, Garlic Scapes, Swiss Chard, Radishes, Broccoli, Beets with their Greens, and Bok Choy!

 Chard, Radishes, Broccoli, Beets and Choy



 Beets & Choy

That gorgeous red leaf lettuce!

So, I had no idea what to do with five heads of lettuce (it doesn't even last overnight) so I immediately washed it all and gave two heads to my neighbor!  

Today, I cooked the Beet Greens and Swiss Chard for another Green Leek Pie since we can't stop talking about the first one.  I used lots of scapes instead of the leek this time (though I did have a piece of leek left from last week that I threw in).
 Beet Greens! They taste like how they look: just like Swiss Chard :) Tasty!

 Swiss Chard on top of the Beet Greens.  A Vegetable Volcano!

 After the explosion.

So, I'll finish that pie later.  The crust is chilling in the fridge now.

Oh, and I had a wicked craving for my Blood Orange Banana Bread, and I had tangerines in my fridge and three super overripe bananas on my counter, so here she is:

CSA friends, how is it going with your boxes??


  1. Wow! What a haul! It's all so gorgeous, too!

    1. Thanks! Just made a garlic scape pesto pasta tonight (from that enormous bag of scapes) and will finish the pie tomorrow. Will try to blog the scape pesto later!

  2. that is the biggest csa haul EVER. wow.

    1. Right? Terrifying in it's own way :-)

  3. wow! vegetable explosion! lucky you!! that looks so amazing!