Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slay the Monster

So, did it get ripe? Why, yes, yes it did. Fig on the bottom is (obviously) the MONSTER fig.

And here she is, plucked from her tree:

Sliced up, it seriously looks like TWO figs. 

For comparison, here is a more normally sized fig that I picked the next day:

You can see, the volume looks like about half of the monster fig!

The rest of the figs seem to be getting going now, I picked three today, two yesterday and three the day before that.  And I can see they are veining out in purple, so it's looking good! I'd better get my fig pants on now so I am ready when all the smaller ones come ripe at the same time (right now it is the larger ones getting ripe, and they are maybe about five percent of the fruit on the tree). 

Wish me luck, and post favorite fig recipes if you like! This batch of figs seems to taste a lot like watermelon, which is awesome.
<3 Dawn

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