Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guess Pa's Present: It's a 'Fo-away!

Pa gave The Sheriff a present!
Pa & Me

This thing here:
What is this thing and what do you use it for?

The Sheriff thinks it's a cattle brand!
Brandin' her own hand?
 What in tarnation??

What is this thing and what do you use it for?

No cheatin', now, The Sheriff wants everyone to play according to Hoyle.  

Most entertaining, side-splittin' answer wins one fine prize...your choice of any vegan cookbook on amazon under $13 buckeroos and must also be eligible for "Amazon Prime."  The Sheriff has his limits!

These should get your juices flowin...

Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day by Tami Noyes & Celine Steen
 The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions by Joni Marie Newman & Celine Steen
Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner
Let Them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton
The Urban Vegan by Dynise Balcavage

Tall hog at the trough wins! Show The Sheriff you got more under your shirt than sweat!

Leave a comment on this post with your tallest tale of what this thing is and what the heck it's for and The Sheriff will pick the one he fancies best by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday October 30th.  We'll see about Miss Sandy and if we've got 'lectricity on the Homestead, o' course, but she should be all dried up by then.
This contest is for U.S. shipping only, but The Sheriff wants to hear from all our friends!

The Sheriff's got himself a winner! It was tight scroungin'* but greyout's macabre tale of the "man brand" wins it!  The Sheriff's emailin' ya now,  greyout, and congratulations!

The Sheriff's hopin' Sandy's a toad strangler* and not a tornado!

Homesteadin' it October 1st through October 31st, 2012

*toad strangler=heavy rain

*tight scroungin'= tight squeezing, something difficult to accomplish


  1. That piece of gadgetry looks intimidating indeed! I'm going to guess that it's used to make pancakes into shapes.

  2. Too funny! I am honored to be included among my distinguished plant-a-licious colleagues. I actually know what this is....but since I'm on the panel, I'm not entering.

    BTW Vegan Sandwiches is by Tami and Celine (co-authors). xx

    1. Yup, I had updated this post about 4 times after putting it up, it was real late on the Homestead when I wrote this!


  3. Its a playdough tool from 1950.

  4. My real guess is that it's for making fun shaped sugar candies.
    My fun guess is that it's to make stained glass decorations for Barbie's church :)

    1. The Sheriff prefers guesses that make him jiggle like jelly! He likes your fun guess!


  5. I know what it is, too-- and I love what you do with it. Thanks for including Celine and my Sandwich book!

    1. An educated girl, yeeehah!

      The Sheriff really likes to hear stories about what'cha'll think it might be used for on the Homestead or on any other 'stead, aside from it's usual function (strange as it is!)

      Cookbook author's side-splittin' tales are welcome! :-)


  6. it's rosette irons!!!!! oh man, i love those things. i tried making them vegan back in 2003, but i failed miserably and haven't tried since. if you know of a recipe, i would be delighted. i still have my mom's set from long ago.
    (i think i just love fried things topped with powdered sugar. i miss funnel cake too. *sigh*)

    artisan vegan cheese me, please.

  7. From the picutre, i'm guessing that it's some kind of fritter-shaper... like you dip the shape in the batter, then into the hot oil and get a fun shaped donut/fritter thing. Exactly where the spreadable cheese comes in is unclear to me though.

  8. Its a Rosette Iron. Yum-haven't made them for a long time

  9. Well, clearly it's some kind of a newfangled, fancy pants, city slicker doohicky fer scrapin' the manure off yer boots after a hard day workin' on the sanctuary ranch. Us real cowgirls prefer a sharp stick. What that little lady in the photo thinks she's doin' has just got me plumb confused as all get out!

  10. Ya'll, Lizzie's got the idea! The Sheriff likes them kinda stories.

  11. Looks to me like it's a brand, alright, but not for cattle! Too small!! It is, on the other hand, just the right size fer markin' yer menfolk to make sure none of them hussies from neighborin' ranches think they're up fer grabs! (And iffin' you kin find one in the shape of an 'A', you can mark those hussies, too, so everyone know what kinda loose women they is! ;))

  12. The Sheriff loves greyout's "Man Brand!" The jelly's a jigglin'!

  13. Out on the prairie we grew up hearty
    Inviting the worms and woodchucks to tea parties
    So, when I needed some aid as a little cowgirl
    I'd give my magic wand a good twirl
    It had three tips good for different occasions
    The most common of which was a cowboy invasion
    No need for yellin' or chasin' or cryin'
    I'd just show the boys my wand made of iron