Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Homestead Hoagie: Pumpkin Marinated Tofu & Homestead Bread

It may not be much, but I used half the arugula, an heirloom tomato, a little cilantro and some pantry items to make...The Homestead Hoagie!  I desperately needed to make a protein and a grain to tag along with the veggies.

Let's get right down to work, I'm all tuckered out!

Green Monster Bread with Pumpkin Marinated Tofu (recipe below), Heirloom Tomatoes and Organic Cilantro (produce is all CSA).

This recipe is an approximate recreation of the recipe I made on Friday night.

Pumpkin Marinade (for tofu, tempeh or seitan)

1 clove garlic, chopped or pressed
½ a can (or 1 cup) canned pumpkin or cooked pumpkin or squash
2 T organic sunflower oil
1 ½ tsps hot chili oil
2 T maple syrup (Grade B preferred)
1 tsp organic tamari
1 tsp Kosher Salt
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp garlic powder
1 ½  cups organic apple juice and/or pumpkin beer
*I used apple juice, haven’t tested yet with the beer, but I think it would be great.

I add the marinade directly to  a 5 cup (1.2 L) tupperware container.  Whisk well with the Mini Whisk O’ Doom, see below, (or use a fork).  Add pressed tofu (I use a TofuXPress, and I love it) cut into large triangles, tempeh (slice it into quarters and steam it for 10 minutes before adding to marinade), or seitan (best added warm from the pan, but OK if not).  I used one package (one pound) of pressed tofu but could have fit another half package in. 

Top off with apple juice, apple cider or pumpkin (or other beer, stoudt would be great) beer until just covering tofu, tempeh or seitan.  Cover tupperware tightly and shake gently to mix.  Store in refrigerator for up to two weeks, shaking gently (I invert the whole container a few times, holding the top on tightly!) when you think of it to mix it.  Use the tofu/tempeh/seitan right out of the marinade and add more protein to it if you want.  I always do this with marinade for vegan foods, and it’s always fine.  Let sit for at least 12 hours or overnight before using, shaking gently when you think of it.

Ain't she purdy?

To sautè tofu as pictured below, heat a well seasoned cast iron pan for 3 minutes on medium heat.  Then, add about 1 tsp of olive oil to pan and swirl around to coat heat oil for about 10 seconds.  Add tofu, leaving on whatever marinade is sticking to it.  Cook 4-5 minutes on the first side until golden, flip, cook about 3 minutes on the second side, again, until golden brown.  Serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Would be great on a sandwich as pictured, in a breakfast wrap or as the “egg” main with some tempeh bacon and potato hash, with a side of sauteed greens and cornbread for dinner, etc. 

You can also cook down the marinade into a sauce to serve over your tofu et al.  

Enjoy! We loved this marinade.  So glad it percolated in my cowboy hat in time for MoFo! 

Now, the bread, what’s the recipe for the bread?  Well, I used the recipe for Green Monster Bread in Tami & Celine’s new book, Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!  

It's fantastic, put one in your cart the next time you stop by the ol' trading post.

I doubled the arugula (since I had so much) and I used white whole wheat flour (instead of AP) and it was no worse for wear!  In fact, I think she liked the extra greens and that WWW flour mighty fine.

 Two green monsters!

 The Sheriff's at it again!

 You might not know it, but she was all green in the gills!

 She was down right delicious!
 A snack.

Pumpkin Marinated Tofu, well I'll be!  Keep it dry* now, ya' hear?

Homesteadin' it October 1st through October 31st, 2012

*keep it dry=keep it secret, keep it safe.


  1. That looks like a totally awesome sandwich.

    1. Wish I could share some with you, Jojo!

  2. She shore is purdy, joneisng for that thar bread and sammy ;)

    1. Get on her! Unless you got a hitch in your giddy-up, u' course.

  3. PS been hearing lots of good things about that book.

  4. Ciao ciao! :)

    Your marinated tofu is cool, but your bread is even cooler! ;)
    Could you please write the recipe?
    Please, please! :)

    1. Ciao Cris, come va? (blogger doesn't let me put accent marks on the letters, so, forgive me!)

      Compri il libro! E meraviglioso! Forse, non posso scriverlo, perche, il pane e di Tami e Celine, allora, non posso scriverlo adesso.

      A piu tardi!

    2. Ciao Dawn,

      vabbè, allora compro il libro! ;) Magari può essere un'idea per Natale. A proposito, ho letto il tuo post sul TofuXPress... anch'io voglio tutti i tuoi Babbi (Natale)!! ;)

      No problem, capisco anche senza accenti! ;)
      Ciao ciao! :)

    3. Cris, Brava! E grazie per capisci tutto il mio italiano, senza accenti!

      Tanti auguri!


  5. Sandwich!!!! Oh my.... looks incredible! I'm going to have to make another batch of that bread.

    1. Tami, that bread put the shine in my saddle!


  6. pumpkin + tofu? that sounds odd but good! perfect for fall!

  7. Pumpkin marinade, you say? That sounds totally awesome! And I love, love, love Celine's green monster bread.

  8. This is one beast of a sandwich! And I've heard about this fabled green monster bread, can't wait to try it. I've never had pumpkin beer but there's no way that could be bad, unless it's sweet. Thanks for teaching me new slang, ha ha. :)

    1. She's sweet like water from the well, Allysia!

  9. After I made kale doughnuts I can't believe it never occurred to me to make green bread!! That will have to be next! :)

    1. Mighty glad it occurred to you to make the kale doughnuts!