Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twister's a Comin'!

I was much more prepared for Irene last year: 

 Been since drank the bubbly, ate them figs (and none on the tree, now!) and the weather radio done been broke by my youngin'.  Had to order another one today!

My youngin' was even well prepared last year!

At least I still got my chainsaw and her gasoline!

Again, last year.  That was about 5 days supply of fresh water. Today Wegmans is totally out of water and batteries.  Last year's batteries and the weather radio were in the amazon boxes on the brown table there.  Radio's broke and batteries are all used up!

We was ready for a nice, candlelit dinner last year!  This year, just hopin' Sandy goes out to sea!  

P.S. Now, looky here, I just found a whole boatload o' comments that were awaiting moderation but that cottonpickin' Blogger did not alert me to them to my email or to my moderation page, they just all appeared today for some reason (from throughout MoFo).  They are all posted now, and are much appreciated, thank ya'll!

Well, I'mma do a special post tonight, God willin'.  Crackin' open somethin' we made earlier in the 'Fo and fancyin' her up right.

Homesteadin' it October 1st through October 31st, 2012


  1. Stay safe sheriff! Hunker down with the lovely family.

    1. God willin'! She's comin' right for us!


  2. I know.Thinking of you and everyone back there. I am from back east, and I have friends and family back there. Listening to updates on WBAB in the kitchen today.