Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shine Your Saddle and Fill Your Saddlebag!

Member makin' those Candied Cowboys the first week of MoFo?

Course you do!  And you also remember I said we were gonna use 'em in a celebratory drink at the end of MoFo?  Well, now's the time with Sandy comin' right for the Homestead, ya'll may not be hearin' from The Sheriff for a little bit, so we's gonna celebrate a bit on the early side of dawn.

Well, here she is, in all her glory…

The Shiny Saddle and The Candied Sunflower Raisin Saddlebag! 
The Shiny Saddle: Ketel One Vodka, Candied Cowboy Juice, Candied Cowboys.  My, that horse sure is spunky.  She must be takin' part.

To make your own Shiny Saddle, you need:

Candied Cowboys (candied jalapenos).  A teaspoon of her juice, a few of her peppers.

Two Hosses.  

Two Ounces of Ketel One, this ain't no tarantula juice*!

Shake vodka and cowboy juice in a shaker with ice, put a few of the peppers in the bottom of the glass.  Pour nice and slow now, don't disturb those boys at the bottom!

If you do it right, the little one’ll get all sleepy on ya’!

The Candied Saddlebag: 
1/4 Cup of Organic Sunflower Seeds, 3 Tablespoons of Dried Squash Seeds, and 2 Tablespoons Organic Raisins.  Mix yer seeds with about 2 teaspoons of that there Candied Cowboy Juice, and about one Tablespoon of oil.  Toast yer seeds on low heat in a cast iron pan, about 5-10 minutes until nice and golden.  

Mix with them raisins and you got yerself A Saddlebag!

Now, drink one for me because the whole Homestead's closed until Wednesday 'cause of Sandy.  

Homesteadin' it October 1st through October 31st, 2012

*Tarantula juice=cheap whisky

P.S. This is also my entry into Vegan Iron Chef, yeeeeehah!


  1. The drink sounds awesome! I love the hosses too. I used to have a huge model horse collection, ha.

  2. I've loved all your hometeadin' this MoFo - hope you and all your family stay safe!