Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homestead Stop: Haddonfield, NJ

I paid a little visit to a town by the name of Haddonfield, New Jersey today.  She's right across the river from Philadelphia, a hop, skip and a jump by car or train!

She's a lovely sight.

Main intersection of Kings Highway and Haddon Ave., smack dab in the middle of town!

What was I doin' in town?  Takin' a much needed rest from chopping, blending and jarrin' our CSA share, that's what.  Someone else can cook today!  I wondered which restaurants in my town offered vegetarian or vegan options and had the signage to prove it. I photographed the ones that did and entered them into the Vegetarian Awareness Month Photo Contest of the Philadelphia Daily News and Philly.com!

As of 10/18/12, I am actually in the lead (see the bottom of this link for names of the top three photographers).

My restaurant photos below now appear in the philly.com photo galleries, click here for the "Vegetarian" Gallery, and here for the "Vegan" Gallery.  Regional friends in Philadelphia and South Jersey, there are lots of veg friendly restaurants to explore!

And, speaking of news, ya'll should check out Vance Lehmkuhl's column,"V for Veg,"  in The Philadelphia Daily News, this week, and every other week! The Sheriff thinks it would be prudent.

Here's the Philadelphia Daily News, "V for Veg" column covering VeganMoFo and Vegan Fazool (me!) 
and my recipe for Squash Mac!

Well, I'll be! Haddonfield has so many lovely restaurants with vegetarian or vegan offerings. 

The Bistro at Haddonfield.  57 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 08033

My dad (Pa!) loves going there when he comes to visit. 

The Bistro has some nice meatless options on the menu, and the Falafel Burger is Vegan Friendly!  
(Menu is displayed in the window between the corn stalks.)

Chef/Owner Nick Lavdas came up to speak with me; he's a real nice fellow. He promised he is working on some new menu items that he is really excited about! Stay tuned!

Next up, 

 Apron  47 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 

Apron is an adorable little lunch spot with lots of nice vegetarian and even some vegan options! 

Apron always seems to have something vegan on their board!  

Next stop:
 The Picket Fence & Garden Tea Room. 
103 Kings Highway East.

Tea is vegan! :-)
I went in and a very nice lady helped me.  She said they could do cucumber sandwiches, that kind of thing.  
I wish those scones were vegan!

There are also some Italian places, like Villa Rosa and Casa Bella Trattoria, that I know have vegetarian and/or vegan options, but they didn't have a visible sign up when I stopped by.  If they put one up, I would definitely shoot it.  Also, I need to check Tre Famiglia and Tony's which are a little further out on Haddon Ave. and China King, our go-to for Haddonfield Chinese take-out.  

A juice bar:

Animo Juice & Burrito Bar.  113 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ. "Vegan friendly," of course!

They make a killer blend! And they call it a blend and not a smoothie, YES!  You guys already know how I feel about the word, "smoothie," right?

Cross Culture Ethnic Indian Cuisine, 208 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ

 There was a wicked glare on their windows when I took these, sorry! But you can see lots of great vegetarian options!

That glare was wily!  Menus are in the windows.

 "Go Vegetarian!" at The British Chip Shop 146 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ

I LOVE this!  I didn't ask, but the soup might be vegan, as might the salad.

 Da Soli.  116 Kings Highway East.

 This sign is the one on the upper right in the window.

The Chef will make those starred items vegetarian if requested.  Bravo!

Lastly, a fun one:
Anybody recognize this place?

Yup, owner Toni Marie Walton was on Cake Boss!  She and her sister, Chrissy Walton are the owners of Sweet T's.  And they were really sweet!

Sweet T's Bake Shop, 7 Kings Court, Haddonfield, NJ

They will take special orders for vegan goodies.  Toni & Chrissy even told me they can make THIS vegan!


I gotta get back to honin' my Arkansas Toothpick.* I got a new CSA box to deal with and a new town to canvas!

Meanwhile, hold your horses.  

*Arkansas toothpick= a long, sharp knife!

P.S. If I missed your restaurant and you have a sign that says either "vegetarian" or "vegan" somewhere visible to passers by and want to be included in the philly.com photo gallery project, just comment below and I'll come by!  


  1. My husband grew up in Haddon Heights and his family still lives out there. I think we're going to be there for the holidays this year so I'm really glad you posted this. I will definitely check out some of these places!

    1. Oh, great! So cool that you are in L.A. and saw this. If this week isn't too crazy, I hope to do a few places that I really like in Cherry Hill (the West side, closer to us in Haddonfield and Haddon Heights) a Korean place, a Chinese place, a Greek place, and a few places in Collingswood, too!

      I am hoping to do another vegan Thanksgiving with my dad (Pa!) this year and Isa's seitan roast again :-) you are welcome to stop by :-)

      Here was our celebration from last year to tempt you :-) http://veganfazool.blogspot.com/2011/11/feast-photos-thanksgiving-2011.html


    2. Very very tempting indeed! Though we will be in LA for Thanksgiving. HOPEFULLY coming that way for xmas/new years. I haven't had a cold xmas in too long! I can't wait to hear about the other places you scope out. I've heard there are some really good vegan places in Philly too!

    3. I'm working on it, it's a really fun project, I have done a lot of vegan ordering around here in South Jersey, and found some really great places that I like. Coming soon!!!

      There are some amazing vegan places in Philly, I've blogged some of them, but for comprehensive Philadelphia veg friendly restaurant reviews, you should check out my friend Taylor's blog, Mac & Cheese: http://macandcheesereview.blogspot.com/ She's been to hundreds of restaurants in/near Philly and has tons of great reviews.


  2. I love when restaurants clearly state their vegan intentions! Also, I believe that the Cross Culture in Haddonfield is akin to the one I've visited in Princeton. They are extremely friendly and open to discussing their ingredients and vegan-friendliness. The Princeton location doesn't use ghee in their vegetarian items and they will gladly sub roti for the (non-vegan) naan. A-mazing food.

    1. Abby are you in Princeton? Yeah, Cross Cultures is DELISH!!

      There are some seriously good places near me in South Jersey that I need to get to blogging about...


    2. Indeblue in Collingswood NJ have some amazing Vegan selection on their menu. We know the Chef/Owner (Rakesh) and are a frequent visitor. As a matter of fact we were just there last night, they have live music (Sitar and Tabla) every Thursday night.

    3. Aditya, absolutely! I LOVE Indeblue in Cwood and I am planning to stop by once this rain clears up and I can get some nice photos.

      I also love sitar & tabla music and didn't know about their Thursday night event, thanks so much!


  3. Hey! My dad and I went to Haddonfield like . . . 22 years ago? My favorite stuffed animal ever is from The Happy Hippo :)

    1. Awwwww! The Hippo is my son's favorite (obviously!).


  4. Thanks so much for teaching me about the area where you live. I have a very dear friend who lives in Philadelphia and he always raves about how vegan friendly it is. I would like to come visit him and use your posts as reference!

    1. You're so welcome! Philly is SUPER vegan friendly and South Jersey is shaping up nicely.

      Check out my friend Taylor's blog: http://macandcheesereview.blogspot.com/ She's reviewed hundreds of veg friendly area restaurants in/around Philly.

      I will continue to do as many NJ spots as I can!