Friday, October 19, 2012

Sheriff's Pick: The Pop Shop, Collingswood, NJ

When I stopped by to photograph The Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ, I got a surprise!

Two wonderful vegan meals, courtesy of Assistant Manager Kevin Sperlunto:
Vegan Philly Cheesesteak (seitan, mushrooms, onions, soy cheese) & Vegan Bettys, both to die for!

Kevin was excited about my blog posts covering veg friendly restaurants in South Jersey and the Philadelphia Daily News Vegetarian Awareness Month Photo Contest.  He made his appreciation clear. Thanks, Kevin!  

The photos of the storefront of The Pop Shop now appear in both the "Vegetarian" Photo Gallery of and the "Vegan" Photo Gallery of since both words are indicated clearly.  
Congrats, Pop Shop!

The Pop Shop is no stranger to vegan food and is well-known for it's vegan offerings.

The Pop Shop 729 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ 08108

 See that sign in the far right window?

The Pop Shop is beyond vegan friendly. This is only a partial menu of their vegetarian & vegan selections.
There are other vegan items on the menu, and you can make many of the other vegetarian items vegan by adding soy cheese (you can just ask for it). They also have soy milk, which you can add to things like the Pop's Groovy Granola to make it (almost!) vegan.  Kevin explained that the granola does contain honey.  They also have a vegan tofu scramble with shoestring hash browns and garlicky spinach!

Gorgeous Vegan Bettys.  BEST pancakes ever.  
Huge, fluffy, sweet and nutty--I don't know what they do to them!  Add bananas, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, or what have you, but I like mine plain :-)

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak, SO tasty!  
Seitan, sauteed mushrooms, soy cheese, awesome baguette, and BEST fries.  YUM.  You can ask for other veggies on it, too!

 I didn't get to eat many of the pancakes. Why?

 That's a 10/10.  Perfect score!

What does this all mean?


Do yourself a favor and stop by The Pop Shop for some Vegan Bettys or anything else on their menu.
 Tell 'em The Sheriff sent ya'!

Homesteadin' it October 1st through October 31st, 2012

We're gonna get back to that big ol' CSA box in just a minute, folks, but visitin' these here veg friendly restaurants is just more fun than a huskin' bee*!

huskin' bee=gettin' together to husk corn and drink that joy juice*!

joy juice=whisky :-)


  1. Wow, those pancakes look seriously amazing, I'd love it if my pancakes turned out like that!

    1. Right? I'd say try a bit of extra baking powder and use seltzer for part of the liquid (get that fizzy in those cakes!).


    2. I'm with Jojo, those pancakes look too good. So you think it's seltzer?! Want to recreate. And are they really super fluffy?

    3. I'd say definitely extra baking powder (make sure to add some apple cider vinegar to leaven it) and yeah, possibly something like seltzer as part of the liquid!

      I'd try Isa's puffy pancake recipe and sub some of the milk with seltzer!


  2. Whoa those pancakes are queen of the carbs. They looks so fluffy and delicious.

    1. They were so fluffy they could put the feathers on a chicken!