Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Sheriff's Farewell

Well, folks, it's sure been an October to remember on the Homestead...

Haddonfield, NJ from October, 1912 
(Courtesy of the Historical Society of Haddonfield/The Haddonfield Sun)

We took our boxes of CSA goodies and showed 'em who was boss!

And The Sheriff was proud as punch to see it was a big enough steer to get herded up into the second MoFo Round-Up, Taco Tuesday!

And got in a whole heap o' trouble...Candyin' Cowboys, Hornswagglin' Salads, even Homesteadin' up a Hoagie, that The Sheriff had to pay us a visit!
It's a good thing The Sheriff stayed in town to keep an eye on things since I had to go out on the town!

Haddonfield, NJ October, 2012

Had to get me a snack, too...

And don't ya' know? Me and The Sheriff were in the ol' black and white!

The Sheriff could relax and toast his boots, while I got to workin' my way through those big, beautiful boxes of CSA produce, freezin' everything in sight

But, then there was trouble on The Homestead, Miss Sandy was headin' right for New Jersey. The Sheriff don't like that kinda stress, so he fancied up those Candied Cowboys real good...

He felt a little better, and he spruced right up when he met 'Pa and got a present!

'Pa and The Deputy 

Still, even the cat needed help gettin' through the storm...
We all did.

A whole lotta folks in New Jersey need our help right now.  Don't forget 'em.  

Farewell, Aquarium! We will never forget you!

Stay safe, stay warm, be kind to each other, and I'm sure The Sheriff will come back for a visit soon.

It's been a real pleasure, folks.

The Sheriff

Homesteaded' it October 1st through October 31st, 2012


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your family's property but glad you all are safe. You did an incredible job for mofo!

  2. Glad to see you you pulled through Sandy...and still managed to keep blogging! Well done, looking forward to following you well after Mofo!