Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twelfth Night: Reader's Choice!

OK, guys, let me know which one of these you'd like to see me do a recipe post for by leaving a comment below!  Each recipe uses something that was hanging around forever in my fridge, freezer or basement pantries :-)

 #1:  Simple Fried Tofu.  This was SOOOOOOOOO good and so easy!

#2: Sweet Potato Latkes. This was also easy and very delicious! 

 #3: Pumpkin Cowboy Cookies, YUM.

 #4: End of Season Garden Pesto.  YUM. Oh, and easy.

 #5: A 1-4 Exacta Box.  

#6: Swiss Chard Chips! Also super easy and way tasty.

Let the voting begin! 


  1. All of the above? OK, first choice would be swiss chard chips, then sweet potato latkes (including those wonderful-looking dips), then simple fried tofu, exacta box, pumpkin cowboy cookies, and, finally, end-of-season garden pesto.

  2. Well, my dear, with one comment, you are the winner!

    Not a fan of pesto, then? ;-)

    I'll get working on that chard chips post for you.