Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is there a Party in Your Pantry?

With Hurricane Irene's approach at the end of August, I had to get everything off of my basement floor and actually ON the pantry shelves. I had bags and bags of delicious, vegan pantry goodies all over the place.  Once I got them onto the shelves, I realized that I have a bit of a problem: a pantry problem.

Since we were very lucky and somehow managed to keep our power on and our large, old trees from falling on our house, I had no occasion to dwindle my pantry supplies in honor of Irene.  Also, there is another ongoing problem I have, further compounded by Irene:

My freezer is stuffed to capacity.  My pantry is stuffed to capacity.  I can't go to Trader Joe's because I have no room to put anything away. What to do? Enter...

Got me a theme for Vegan MoFo!  If you aren't familiar with MoFo, it is really fun. Here's what happens: vegan bloggers sign up and try to blog every weekday about anything related to vegan food, for the entire month of October (last year MoFo was in November).  Some bloggers have themes, some don't, but TONS of great recipes, information and fun stuff is shared during the MoFo.  I followed along last year and posted my recipes and pics to Facebook, but I didn't have a blog yet.  By following Vegan MoFo, I found a lot of the blogs I follow now, which is cool, and I was inspired to get my own blog up in December of last year, right after MoFo ended! It's a good time 'fo all.

So, I vow to (attempt to) get my pantries down to a more manageable size by making awesome vegan eats and maybe making sculptures.  Anyhoo, I will be blogging my pantry adventures during MoFo.

Looking forward to partying in the pantry with you guys.

<3 Dawn


  1. Hi Dawn! I have the same overstuffed problems! :)

  2. Good luck on the pantry. I just found your blog and thought I would give you a shout out! :)

  3. I love your theme but honestly cannot believe how much food you have stored up. ;-) Good luck chipping away at those piles!!

  4. Adrienne, at least it's for a family of three, so it's not just me, but it is a lot! Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the ride!

  5. I very much identify with your theme! I have pounds and pounds of beans and my refrigerator is stuffed past capacity. I have problems with the farmer's market and online specialty shops. Erp.

  6. Wow! I have the same pantry problem, I wish I could hire someone with Martha Stewart instincts to go though it and organize everything in cute matching containers.
    Happy Mofo!