Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Trial Run: Gobbler Loaf

As a possibility for Thanksgiving I made Tami's Gobbler Slices, twice!  They are really tasty and the loaf can be used as a "roast" just like turkey.  The first time I made them, I had to sub for a bunch of ingredients, the biggest sub being I used chickpea flour for about half of the wheat gluten since I only had about 3/4 of a cup in the house at the time.  Then I used extra soy flour to get the consistency of the dough right.  And I used cooked soy beans instead of white beans.  It was really my pantry's version of the recipe (what I had in the basement went into the "bird!").  I used some canned soy beans that I had down there (I still can't believe I didn't have any navy beans, so weird).  The texture was different than she intended, but I liked it a lot:

I served it like an open-face "turkey" sandwich with gravy, mushrooms and asparagus.

Then, I made it the right way after I had bought more gluten and the minute tapioca.  The texture was a bit "spongier" and moister (the chickpea flour one was drier, but not at all spongy).  Both versions were delicious, but I generally prefer less wheat gluten and more chickpea flour as a rule.  I think you can make it any way you want, it's a nice flexible recipe.
Blurry because I was too hungry to hold the camera still. 

After eating half my sandwich, I got a better picture.  Looks like the Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich!

One of the best things about this recipe is it is (basically) a steamed seitan recipe.  No baking, or worse, steaming and THEN baking involved.  Just steam it and you are done.  AWESOME.
Here's The Gobbler in the top of my steamer.  I adore this steamer.  (Bottom of steamer is not pictured, I was heating the water in it on the stove).

I love you, Gobbler Loaf!

What recipes are you guys testing for the holidays?


  1. Dawn! You are so right, it's flexible. Really, really glad you're having fun with it. :) That's my kind of sandwich.

  2. I <3 The Gobbler, thanks for inventing her, Tami!

  3. Tempted to try this. I make a similar loaf with gluten, chickpea flour, and tofu that I really enjoy.

  4. Taylor, you won't be sorry! I particularly like this one because it is a "steam only." So handy!

  5. that gobbler looks delish! right in time to try for sure!

  6. I was so excited to find this - but then instantly bummed to find out it contains vital wheat gluten :( Oyy, I will never be able to eat a good vegan loaf!

    Also, the pumpkin pretzels hardly taste like pumpkin becuase the yeast is so overpowering - but you could swap the pumpkin/water measurements and that may add a little more pumpkin flavor.

  7. Ashlae, I have a sensitivity to too much gluten, and I don't actually love the taste of VWG. I used 3/4 cup VWG and 3/4 cup Chickpea flour for the first round and I liked it a lot. I think from your blog you tolerate some gluten, so maybe the 50/50 combo might work for you?

    You can also try subbing soy flour and/or other non-gluten flours or maybe ground oats for the 3/4 cup VWG and see what happens...since it is wrapped tightly and then steamed, if it doesn't hold together perfectly it won't matter too much. Maybe add a flax "egg" or some egg replacer to it if you do that.

    Good luck!