Friday, October 14, 2011

Roast Duck

Just kidding! Did I get anyone? I'm just taking the night off from cooking from my pantries :-)

OK, so if you DID want vegan roast duck, you should get it from Singapore, a Kosher, ALL VEGAN restaurant in Philadelphia's Chinatown.   They do a pretty convincing mock-meat thing there.

We ordered the Sesame Herbal Duck (#147) and it was really great.  Per the menu, "vegetarian duck meat, shitake mushroom, ginko nuts, wolfberry seeds, carrots, seasonal Chinese green, cooked in sesame five spice sauce."

We also got the Dim Sum for Two, which had: crispy spring rolls (no big deal), pan fried scallion pancake, chicken drum stick (my favorite!), pan fried curry dumplings (also excellent), steamed vegetable buns, sesame noodles, leek dumplings (I think), singapore latkes, and probably a few I am missing (the list is at the restaurant, I only have the menu, so am trying to figure it out!).

My fave "chicken" drum stick.  I need the secret to their seitan!!!

We ate the other platter of dim sum (all the steamed stuff and noodles) before I could photograph it!

They have some sort of amazing secret seitan that they use for their mock meat dishes, and it is truly unbelievably delicious.  The only problem is that, from what I can tell, like seventy percent of their menu is deep fried, but I've only been there like two or three times, so I'm not totally sure.  Most of our food was deep fried, and honestly, it was a little much for me.

Oh, and these babies, seriously awesome:

Vegetarian Crab Meat Claw
(Everything is vegan but they call everything "vegetarian") 

What fun vegan vittles are you all enjoying on your Friday night?


  1. It's nice to take a night off once in a while :-)

    P.S., Vic, your seitan steaks look unbelievable! I want to know if the recipe can be doubled...I'll leave a comment over on The Life.


  2. Dawn, Yes it can be doubled easily. I do it all the time! :) If you make them, let me know how they turn out!

  3. It looked like it would double nicely, glad to get confirmation. I will certainly drop you a line when I make them!

    Enjoy this lovely fall weekend!