Monday, July 15, 2013

Detritus Emeritus and KKFCs

I haven't made the farro yet, guys.  But, I have Krispy Kale Farro Cakes in the brain mobile! Oh how delicious they will be!  Coming soon...maybe for dinner tonight. 

I did, however, produce a lovely kidney stone last week, which also impeded progress on the KKFCs (Krispy Kale Farro Cakes).  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of it to share with you.  
Imagination should suffice here.

Anyhoo, Emory and I went to the Haddonfield Craft Fair yesterday.

As it is currently July in New Jersey, IT WAS HOT.

Emory was determined to find a bracelet and a dragon necklace.

As coincidence would have it, the only cool things we found were a bracelet and a dragon necklace.

As it also happened, the adorable Lisa who made the serpent pendant, is a vegan! 


But, now, I need this:
It's my Cold Brewed Coffee, YUM.  That should help to get those KKFCs in motion!
You can buy a 2L version of this pitcher here:

I adore this line of Italian hermetically sealed carafes!

Right now, hubby has a Blueberry pie in progress and Krispy Kale Farro Cakes are in development.

Stay tuned and stay cool!


  1. That necklace rules! Emory looks so fierce modeling.
    Sorry to hear about the kidney stone, ugh! Glad yr ok now though.
    Cold brew looks bangin.

    1. Thanks! I recommend everything except the kidney stone :-)