Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Testers: Spicy Korean BBQ Jackfruit and Pull Apart Buns!

Here are three more testers from Joni's new book, Vegan Fusion!  This is an amazing Pull Apart Bread filled with Spicy Korean BBQ Jackfruit. I made all three recipes (the BBQ sauce, the Jackfruit and the bread itself) yesterday!

BBQ Bun Pull Apart Bread from Vegan Fusion

This was made from three recipes...

The Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce:

The BBQ Jackfruit Story:
This was my first time working with jackfruit, it is very hard right out of the can.
Here it is just starting to cook with the sauce, etc.
 I couldn't really begin to break it up until it had been cooking a good while, though I got some of the pieces apart a little using two forks at the beginning.  Next time I may chop up the jackfruit with a chef's knife before adding it to speed up cooking a bit (I was a little impatient last night, if I had more time I wouldn't have worried about it, it gets soft as it cooks).

After 45 minutes and a bit of effort (with two forks as well as cutting it up with my spatula--I wanted to make those buns!) to break apart the chunks of jackfruit, here is the finished Spicy Korean BBQ Jackfruit! It was delicious!

And, I needed a snack while I was making all this, so I put some of Joni's Sweet Chili Sauce on my tofu from the Asian Market (the homemade tofu, which is always amazing) and had it over some organic "marathon" bread from Wegmans.
A super tasty snack!! That gave me enough energy to finish the buns!

And here are pictures of the bun making and baking and eating:
 This dough is so smooth and silky, a joy to work with!

 Bun Assembly Station.

 A second filling: Sweet Chili Seitan and Tofu with Lime!

Raw buns ready for the oven! The center ones are the BBQ Jackfruit, the outer circle are the Sweet Chili Seitan & Tofu ones.

Curious passersby! 

Baked Buns!! Aren't they gorgeous? 

 Time to eat!

Sweet Chili Seitan in the Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce. YUM.
BBQ Jackfruit, YUM. 

 We jammed these!

Para llevar!

Now, what to make next...


  1. Those buns are BEAUTIFUL! Great job!

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! They were SO good, we ate them all in two days. And I used all that Sweet Chili Sauce, too.

      I may have to make the buns again, sooner than I thought...


  2. You inspired me to pick up two cans of jackfruit at my favorite Indian grocery today! I'm going to try Terry Romero's recipe from Vegan Eats World. She has a great sidebar explaining how she works with jackfruit, which might be of some use:

    To prepare canned or jarred jackfruit, first drain the jackfruit wedges and rinse with plenty of cool water. Chop the wedges into 1-inch-wide chunks, then use your fingers to pull the pieces into shreds. The more you shred the pieces, the more carnita-like it will look. If desired, remove the seeds for a more carnitas-like look; these are also edible, so leave them if you don't mind. Grab handfuls of the pulp and squeeze out as much water as possible before marinating.

    ...At least... this is what I am going to attempt!

    1. Thanks, Ade! I was in a rush to have it cook faster since I needed to get bakin' my buns, haha! If you just let it cook long enough in a sauce it is much easier to pull apart, and totally fine, though I will probably pre-chop it next time with my big ol' chef's knife to save cooking time.

      Let us know how you make out!