Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pantry Stock-Up and Testing for Joni!

My pantry was hurtin' and I needed groceries, so today we did a monster Wegmans run (a mistake on any Sunday, but unfortunately necessary today) followed by an Asian Market run.  I just signed on as a tester for Joni Marie Newman's new book, Vegan Fusion, and I needed to replenish my sauces, vinegars, canned goodies, Asian noodles, frozen things, and to find some Jackfruit in brine!

I'm ready for you, Joni!  So psyched! 

Canned Jackfruit in brine: check!  Now I'm gonna do some gournet cooking, yeah, baby!

 Got some more agar powder, both for Joni's recipes and to make more vegan cheese from Artisan Vegan Cheese.  This agar powder is from Thailand, "Telephone" brand? We'll see about that...

Here is an interesting soda that has regular sugar and not corn syrup.  It's going into Joni's Spicy Korean BBQ Jackfruit!

Saw these Fresh Korean Noodles in the refrigerated section of the Asian Market and couldn't resist.  They look so gorgeous!  

Other finds...

Two kinds of "Vegetarian Mock Duck" (which is vegan, of course).  
I was looking for this last year and couldn't find it, but it was above the canned jackfruit!  I also got Chinese Roast Duck Mix, a spice mix to flavor that mock duck you see before you (also vegan, don't worry!).
  Who knows what will happen when I actually combine these entities, but I couldn't resist!  

A local tofu, Nature's Soy, which is made in Philadelphia, and another local tofu, made in Cherry Hill, NJ (the store's own homemade tofu).  I LOVE that homemade tofu.

These are frozen, vegan shrimp and they are REALLY good.
They are called "Healthy Food," I love it.

Because I bought SO many heavy things like cans and bottles, I got an awesome, free canvas bag!

And a free packet of these little envelope/pouch things...
I guess it's just an ad for the store?  What are you supposed to put in there??
Does anyone know? I can't read the writing on the front of the envelope (obviously), but I think that would help.

Oh! And I already tested Joni's recipe for Sweet Chili Sauce!
Ta-da! It's delicious.  I may make the Sweet Chili Grilled Tofu next, or start on the BBQ Jackfruit recipe...oh the choices! 

Hope you all had a great weekend.

BTW, here's what I made this morning, before all this shopping:
White Lightning Blend (I'll post the recipe soon) Isa and Terry's Basic Chocolate Cupcake with vegan Betty Crocker frosting ("Rich and Creamy Vanilla" appears to be vegan!). I think it worked to keep me going all day.

Go forth and prosper.



  1. I think those little red envelopes are supposed to be used on Chinese New Year (it would Make sense at an Asian Market). It's usually in early February. You put money in them and give em to people!
    Looks like some great things you picked up. I'm so far behind on the jackfruit trend.

    1. Thanks, FF! Yeah, that makes sense. I love Chinese New Year--we sometimes randomly end up hanging out in Chinatown that winter weekend (like just wanting some dim sum, then wondering why it is so crowded, then realizing it is the New Year :-) It's funny I never came across those envelopes before.

      It's my first time using jackfruit, so I'm behind, too!


  2. I love seeing other peoples grocery hauls!

    1. I concur, Jojo - especially interesting ones like this one!

    2. Oh man, I still haven't made jackfruit carnitas either. No excuse - I live near so many international groceries and I'm pretty sure there's even a crockpot recipe out there at this point. Maybe I should put it on my list, after empanadas...

    3. Jojo, I love posting grocery hauls! They are very satisfying to look at :-) And Adrienne, the jackfruit was really good. Go get some!