Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegan Plunder

So, in honor of Meatout yesterday, I went to Trader Joe's for a big ol' vegan shopping trip.  It was FUN.  I love going there when I feel like shopping.  Thought I'd share the photos to inspire anyone considering doing the part or full-time vegan diet.  Look at the variety and quantity of vegan food options that are available at your local Joe's.

Here is the plunder.

This is not quite everything I got, but a good bit of it.

Check out the freeze-dried fruit, TJ's had freeze dried blueberries!

Yeah, baby.  I'm sending all of those out in the mail to my dear family who don't have a nearby TJ's.  I already have enough of it at home :-)

The Westsoy milk is great, OOPS, I am just noticing I bought Vanilla and not Plain.  Oh well.  I use the plain one for my vegan cream sauces.  That big jug o' juice is blueberry.  Excited to try that.

Close-up of the (Vegan!!) Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream.  So excited to try this.  Every time I go to Trader Joe's, I notice non-vegans buying it, so finally remembered to pick some up.

 My favorite cashews in the whole world are from TJ's.  I buy at least three bags of the roasted, salted ones, and I keep the raw ones for all my vegan sauces, cashew ricottas, etc.  Keep the raw ones right in the freezer.

BEST pre-made tofu veggie burgers I have ever had and that guacamole is really, really amazing for a packaged guac.  Couldn't believe how good it was, actually.  It is a new product for me.

More new stuff for me: Moriello cherries,  TJ's hot wheat cereal, Country Choice Organic Oatmeal (that company makes a fantastic vegan vanilla sandwich cookie, btw), and TJ's rice crackers.

And, so psyched for the Almond Butter, already know the Non-Pareils are great.

Hope this is an eye-opener in terms of the exciting variety of vegan food choices out there!  
What did you guys do in honor of Meatout?  

P.S. The rain finally hit us here in south jersey, but showers bring flowers :-).


  1. Ah man, I so wish we had TJ's out here in Kansas. You scored!


  2. It is nirvana :-) Don't know if I could not live near a TJ's anymore! Wonder if they do mail order for you??