Monday, March 14, 2011

Vanilla + Coconut + Something Else=Vegan Power Bar of Goodness

And that is what I am thinking about right now.  Trying to get toddler down for nap first, then to the kitchen.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Possibilities for the something else include, but aren't limited to: freeze dried banana bits, white chocolate chips,  dark chocolate chips, cashews, almonds...uh oh! They all sound good.  Need my own nap first to organize my thoughts :-).

P.P.S. Toddler still not sleeping yet :-( so now opening the polls! You can vote for the "something else" ingredient(s) by posting below until I actually get into the kitchen to make this.  You have a few minutes at least, up to several hours, or even days, depending on my little friend.  You may even suggest a name for said bar of goodness with your preferred ingredient.  I have the ingredients mentioned above on hand: freeze dried bananas, white choc. chips, dark choc chips, cashews & almonds, or suggest something different.  If I have it in my pantry, I'll add it.  I also have freeze-dried strawberries.

Vote away! Looking forward to someone else making the decisions for once :-).

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