Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming Soon...Vegan Fazool's Ragu Alla Bolognese

Stay tuned, Vegan Fazool is readying a delicious recipe post for your consuming pleasure.

In the meantime, a public service message: please use the ellipsis correctly.  It contains three periods or full stops. It looks like this: (...) and is not a stand-in for a period or a comma.  It indicates an omission of original text.  However, it is also used to indicate a pause in speech (but should not consistently replace the comma), an unfinished thought, or when used at the end of a sentence, a sense of melancholy longing.  When a comma or period is called for, please use those forms of punctuation and not an ellipsis.  Do not end every sentence with an ellipsis on Facebook.  Do not use more than three stops to indicate an ellipsis.  Do not use other punctuation correctly and then misuse the ellipsis.

I applaud those of you who consistently use the ellipsis correctly, huzzah!  Please pass on your knowledge to the masses.  For the rest, please try, it matters.  I know, I know, the rules of written language evolve to reflect common usage.  But, I constantly find internet content riddled with incorrect punctuation, and reading those posts is like grating my face with a cheese grater.  And vegan cheese isn't easy to grate.

Use correct punctuation.  Especially when it comes to the poor ellipsis.  What did she do to deserve it?

OK, back to writing up the recipe.

Enjoy this gorgeous day!


  1. I learn something new everyday. :))

  2. I have gotten into the habit of doing just that when I post. Thanks for the information. That's one more reason I enjoy your blog so much.
    Have a great week!

  3. Thanks, guys! I am thinking about a new post as we speak, any requests? Food or grammar related requests are being accepted :-).