Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Brussels Sprouts Bazooka!

At long last, I present to you...

The Brussels Sprouts Bazooka!

Aptly named and skillfully brandished by my son.

And, after helping me harvest the smaller, more tasty sprouts for actual consumption, 


I relinquished the rest of them to allow for the...

 Brassica Mace!

I also have to deal with a 30 pound box of tomatoes that I bought on Sunday (the last of the late season tomatoes at Johnsons Farm!) but I had *another* kidney stone yesterday out of nowhere (ugh) and today my temporary crown (from the root canal tooth of MoFo fame) broke off in a piece of super soft bread.  Yes, I am still dealing with that tooth. Yeay. So, looks like another delightful week of medical emergencies for me. That 30 pound box of tomatoes is going to have to wait another day.

I hope they make it!

1 comment:

  1. Dang - sorry to hear about the kidney stone; one *pleasure* in life I have not had. I have suffered a root canal so I can empathize there. As far as those veggies - fantastic! If I had those tomatoes, I would roast all of them! Jealous....