Friday, January 20, 2012

Updates: Timer, Triops, and Tempeh

Timer: Setting the timer for the pizza dough's rise!

Here she is! Cast iron double griddle in the background.  That thing makes a MEAN pizza! If you don't mind a rectangular or oval pizza, go get one, it's so much better than a pizza stone.

I had a serious craving for green peppers and vegan pepperoni.  I doused my slices in jalapeno olive oil as well from Taste of Olive.  Fruity, grassy, and mildly spiced (really! it almost wasn't hot at all, they must have only used the flesh and not any seeds to make the oil) I can't recommend this oil highly enough.   The left half is sparsely topped to ensure last minute variables would be covered (kid says he wants plain, then pepperoni, so  had to cover my bases :-)).

Triops: Well, there's good news and bad news.  Good news is that we had two strong hatchlings from our second round of Triops growing.  Then, it was down to one (two days ago).  We think the bigger one ate the smaller one since we couldn't find his body! THEN, as the directions called for on or around Day 8 (for us, yesterday was Day 11) we tried to transfer the remaining one (he was pretty big and seemed hardy) to the tank from his little petri dish as the directions called for.  We did that, knowing he needed more room, however, we couldn't maintain the temperature of the tank water at 74 degrees, the warmest we could get it was around 70-72.  We figured we'd give it a go, and tried to acclimatize him to the cooler water in his little Petri dish first, then transferred him, but he bit the dust in a mere hour or so.  It was just too cold. Poor guy (or girl!).  We will try again when the ambient temperature is warmer (spring or summer). It's just too hard to warm water with a light bulb in winter! RIP "T," RIP.

I mailed in my order for the tempeh spores! I have no idea how long it will take to get them. I'll keep you posted, haha.

P.S. I have an early birthday present to myself coming in the's cooking related (of course).  I may get it today!


  1. Just checked out GEM Cultures. Thanks for the resource! Excited for your tempeh making!!

    1. Hi T! It's a hoot how you have to mail in your order and send them a check (it's only $5 for enough spores to make like 20 pounds of tempeh). So, I got some cheesecloth, too, for making other fermented goodies :-) LIKE, oh, I dunno, pineapple vinegar and sourdough starters? So excited.

      Fermented goodies for all!