Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Tale of Supergingerbreadman!

Our hero, Supergingerbreadman!

When the first snow of the season struck...

Supergingerbread man was making his usual rounds, especially in the developed nations, because no one knows how to drive in a little bit of snow.  After dealing with thousands of close ones all winter long, he finally made his way to the other side of the world.  When he reached Tibet, it was spring!  

And wouldn't you know it? An inexperienced American climber was stranded on Mushroom Rock near the summit of Mt. Everest, with a storm quickly approaching! He had been given plenty of warning to turn back, but refused, for he had summit fever.  At this point, the expedition leader instructed his sherpa to return to high camp and leave the climber to fend for himself.

Supergingerbreadman flew through the storm to rescue the stupid American.

The stranded climber was in rough shape.

Supergingerbread man made a single rescue attempt, and was successful!

The End. 

Or is it?


  1. Very pretty! I never have the patience to ice cookies but you did a beautiful job!

  2. Thanks, Jan! And, of course you know Supergingerbreadman is a vegan guy :-))

    FF, it's easy, I just used a pre-loaded plastic bag that came with an extra TJ's Gingerbreadman that I had leftover from Xmas.