Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Like Rosemary for Chocolate

Thanks to serendipity, vegan blogs and Facebook, I found a wonderful new friend who happens to be an amazing chocolatier, and who happens to live in the town right next door to my sister.  In a recent visit to New Paltz, NY I was able to stop by Lagusta's brand new chocolate shop, Lagusta's Luscious and make a very important trade:

Rosemary for Chocolate.

As some of you know, I happen to have a lovely, large rosemary bush on the side of my house and I happened to have just given her a haircut.  Lagusta makes, well, luscious, rosemary caramels and toffees and had some trouble sourcing rosemary after hurricane Irene, so I brought her the trimmings.  In turn, I got a box of her hand made chocolates. My son is hoarding them in the above (and below!) picture.

Lovely shots of L's lovely shop:

At home, the goods.
 The Sweet.
The secret link to a beautiful, online chocolate guide to your mixed box is included inside your box when you order or stop by the shop.  Pictured above, clockwise from the left are: the Vandana Shiva, the Pomegranate Truffle (my favorite, I think!), Furious Vulva (delish!), I think a large Autumn truffle?, a Selma's Peppermint Patty, and a Croissant Caramel  and I had already eaten the Rosemary Caramel before I took the picture! They were all amazing. Order a box for yourself or order boxes for your friends and family for a special holiday gift. It's a dangerous gift. You just may be addicted, like I am now...must. distract. self. from. thinking. about. Lagusta's. chocolates...Best to get back in the kitchen for that.

 The Savory.  Home Made Chickpea Tempeh.  

My rendition: Pan Fried Chickpea Tempeh Marinated in Sweet and Savory Tomato Sauce, served with Braised Garlic Escarole over Home Made Italian Bread.

The tempeh was so good that I am going to make an incubator and give it a go at home!  Thanks to Lagusta for the wonderfully detailed blog post on how to make your own tempeh at home!!

I'll keep you guys posted on the tempeh situation! My dad is coming down soon to help me make the incubator.



  1. I LOVE LAGUSTA'S LUSCIOUS! And I LOVE this beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. How rad! Oh my gosh your tempeh meal looks AMAZING!!!
    I'm so happy we finally met!

  3. Thanks, Adrienne and Lagusta!! I am officially an LL addict (must. order. more. soon).

    That tempeh was astonishing with the escarole and my mom's bread. When I finished it all, I was really upset :-( MUST. MAKE. OWN. TEMPEH. OR. MOVE. BACK!


  4. Lagusta looks absolutely lovely. And that tempeh is awesome!

  5. BA HA HA HA HA, furious vulva. Chocolates look great! :)

  6. ooh home made chickpea tempeh.. super cool and those beautiful chocolates!

  7. Wait, you made your own tempeh!? Can you do a post about how to do that?

  8. Taylor, I haven't made it yet, I have to make the incubator first. I linked to Lagusta's blog post on how to do it above.

    Let me know if you are gonna try it with me!

    It is VERY hard to go back to eating store bought tempeh after being tainted by the home made...