Thursday, March 17, 2011

MeatOut is Coming!!

Quiche Du Jour (with cauliflower, spinach, and cranberries) from The Urban Vegan

 Grandma Margie's "Meatballs" A recent gluten-free, soy-free version. 

Oatmeal Raisin (and Cranberry) Cookies from The Joy of Vegan Baking (with a secret Vegan Fazool substitution!!) 

Cashew Ricotta in Action (on top of a take-out tomato pie) 

See all those delicious dishes? They are ALL vegan.  And amazing.

On (or about :-) March 20th, everyone who is awesome will be participating in the International MeatOut Event, so I wanted to help you guys get ready for it proper.

Many excellent bloggers will be doing a special post on (or around) Sunday, March 20th for the MeatOut event which is organized by FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)  they are, "a national nonprofit organization promoting a vegan lifestyle through public education and grassroots activism to end the use of animals for food." They, "believe in the inherent self-worth of animals, as well as environmental protection and enhanced public health."  An excellent, long-standing organization that has done much to advocate for farmed animals.

Things you can do to prepare for MeatOut:

1. Find some excellent vegan recipe(s) you'd like to try.  Check out the above items for nice examples.  Need a flexible "ricotta" for all your Italian cooking needs? Try my cashew ricotta in lasagna, on pasta, in a vegan eggplant Parmesan, it can be used on anything.  Do you need a vegan version of a power bar for a quick snack? Try the Vanillanutberry Candycake Bar of Power, my Vegan Ragu Alla Bolognese,  or for a quick & easy lunch, a lovely chickpea tuna salad, or maybe an awesome baked treat?  Try check out some of the blogs I follow in the right hand column of my home page and click away, they are amazing.  

2. Go shopping for your ingredients: vegetables, fruits, and fun vegan frozen stuff or pantry items. posted a very nice post with two vegan shopping lists, basically my personal list looks like a combination of the two shopping lists together.  Check them out!  Then head over to your local Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or your favorite natural store and buy a few items you'd like to try.  Have fun exploring the hundreds of vegan options available to us lucky vegans of the modern era.

3. Make your vegan item and, when you love it, SHARE IT with others!  

4. Inform yourself a bit more about the problem with animal products.  Spread the word!

For more vegan tips, tricks and resources check out my other post, Dawn's Unsolicited Advice.

Have a great Thursday, guys.  As always, feedback, questions and concerns are welcome comments and I will get to them quickly.


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