Monday, September 30, 2013

Adios, MoFo! Bienvenido, Otoño!

Lo siento MoFo!

Readers: Please accept this depressed child's first-day-of-school-face in exchange for the eleven posts I failed to produce this MoFo.

Because of all of my issues this month (which started last month, and then there was the month before that, and the month before that...I've had a difficult summer!) my Video 'Fo posts suffered.  I'm sure we can all move on.  Much to everyone's chagrin, I'm sure I'll do more videos.  However, I hope to find a way to improve (or replace!) Movie Maker, which seriously hindered my Five Minute Video 'Fo flow.  I had several more videos I'd hoped to have posted, but MM chose to crash about every five minutes (or, sometimes, immediately after opening) during my work editing said videos.  Editing the last few vids I posted took me much, much longer than they should have since I had to keep re-booting Windows 8 (yeah, I know, it's not so bad, but I still hate the Metro screen)  and re-loading Movie Maker, and restoring projects that closed down illegally, etc. etc.  So, I ended up with many fewer videos than I intended.  I'm sorry, MoFo!

The Five Minute Video 'Fo Fest Fell Short.
Adios, Vegan MoFo!

Anyway, now it's officially fall, and I am ready for the season in all it's burnt orange glory! Normally, I am relieved at summer's ending since I don't weather the hot, humid summers of south jersey particularly well; but this time, I'm nostalgic.  Summers in south jersey usually involve way too many 90+ degree days, with many in the high 90's or even several 100+ degree days like we had last year and the year before that.  This year, we had a lovely, cool, wet summer and those are my absolute favorite kind.  Even slightly cooler temperatures make summers much more tolerable, good for gardening (but not good conditions for fall pumpkins, unfortunately), swimming, and general outdoor cavorting.  Alas, it is with the sweet, rich blue-blush of figs heavy in the tree and the warm breeze chilling as it rises from the sidewalk and mingles with the fallen leaves that I welcome Autumn and all the new beginnings she brings.  

Bienvenido, Otoño!

What new beginnings do you hope for this season?


  1. I missed your posts this year Dawn! Are you doing preserving at the moment with Summer's bounty? Would love to see some of that if you were!

    1. Kate, *something* is certainly happening here! ;-) Stay tuned!

  2. That sad face is about the cutest little thing I have ever seen! Reading your question about 'new beginnings' has me pondering..... I love the changes of the seasons.

    1. Awww, thanks, Tracy! I love the changing seasons, too...and, oh, you won't have to ponder for *too* much longer ;-)