Saturday, March 16, 2013

Terrifying Librarians and Lenny the Leprechaun

As many of you may already know, I am terrified of, what does my husband aspire to become?

Yup.  A terrifying librarian!
 Maybe not as scary as this Conjured Ghost from Oblivion....

But, still, Oblivion cupcakes were totally appropriate! 
 I dare you to summon the Librarian Ghost!

 There are only three of these left today, I think (I made them yesterday!).

Breakfast today, a dreary, wet, snowy, rainy March Saturday.  
My Crispy Oat Cakes.  This may be my favorite recipe EVER.   

For lunch, a Saint Patty's Salad:
Organic Baby Spinach Chiffonade (raw), with Lemon Kissed Israeli Couscous and Garlic Mushrooms.  YUM. 

 A Recomposed Salad!  Hey, I think I saw Lenny!

Anyway, we also preserved some Meyer Lemons before the citrus season is over!

Preserved Meyer Lemons!

And I made a batch of Bucket Bread that will either become a Rosemary Focaccia or a Za'atar Flatbread or something else that is delicious in the morning...

It topped off around 4L (as usual) at the two hour mark, so then it went in the fridge until needed!

And I just ate another one of these...damn!
Scary Librarian Cupcakes*

*Isa and Terry's Chocolate Agave Cupcakes from VCTOTW with Betty Crocker's Creamy Vanilla Frosting (it's vegan!)

And, wait? What's THAT?
 A (washable) green hand print?
Who has been here?

Ollie saw him!

It was Lenny the Leprechaun! He peed (green!) in our toilet and left (washable) green hand and foot prints everywhere!**

**You can delight your child (or spook your spouse!) tomorrow morning by just five minutes of work tonight!!  Just take a washable green marker and draw little footprints on the floor leading up to and/or around the bottom of the toilet, I even drew butt cheek marks and little hand prints on the lid of the toilet and on the doorknob and door frame nearest the bathroom. Then, put a few drops of green food coloring in the toilet for green leprechaun "pee."  Lenny is a naughty leprechaun!  You could also leave a gift from Lenny like little Saint Patty's stickers or whatever you like near the toilet :-)**

Happy Saint Patty's Day!


  1. Both the scary cupcakes and the leprechaun pee cracked me up!

    1. Thanks, Joey! Hard to let the leprechaun pranks go now that Saint Patty's is over...