Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Devil Himself

 "Jamaica Hot Pepper." Just. Don't.

 And the spawn of Satan erupted from his womb, born again.

Do. NOT.

I just touched this hot pepper to my tounge to taste-test it. I usually just pop some in my mouth and chew.  THANK GOODNESS I DIDN’T DO THAT.

The gods must have been on my side tonight.

THIS IS THE HOTTEST HOT PEPPER I HAVE EVER TASTED.  It welted my lip (literally, my lip started to welt) where my tounge touched my lip, and is still burning my tounge, and it got on my hands (I didn’t wear gloves while cutting it, I usually don’t, even with jalapenos, because they never seem that hot to me) so that I keep burning myself even though I have washed my hands like six times.  No gloves, no glory.

My local Asian market is to blame.  I got about 24 of these devil peppers for $2.42. Coincidence? I think not.  I wouldn’t wish these on my worst enemy.

Any locals want to take 23 of the hottest hot peppers on the earth off my hands? The 24th one went into the trash. Yes, the trash and not the compost.  It was so hot I thought it might kill the microbes and any life in my compost.  Seriously.  And you guys probably know I love hot peppers, hot sauce, etc.  But not this devil.



  1. Hahaha! That is crazy! I remember recently cutting some hot peppers and then, without thinking, rubbing my eye. That was something I will never do again! Yikes!


    1. Totally. We unconsciously touch/scratch/bother with all our body parts (nose, eyes, "other," haha) and hot pepper hands are the WORST.

      I didn't do that with this pepper, but many, many years ago when I first started cooking, I did it with a jalapeno that was pretty hot, and that WASN'T GOOD :-)))

  2. Here's a suggestion: make a tiny slit in one pepper and add it to a tomato sauce. Remove it before serving. It adds great flavor and tons of heat. Or maybe too hot???? OUCH :)

    1. Tracy, I LOVE that idea for any other pepper, but this pepper is truly "special." :-) I actually don't think this pepper is even edible or fit for human consumption!

      I am a huge fan of hot peppers and have used them with success for many years. I have a higher than average tolerance for heat, I use all kinds of pepper based sauces (Asian hot pepper oil, "Rooster" sauce, vinegar based hot sauces, etc.) almost daily. I have never even thought that fresh jalapenos were that hot.

      BUT, this pepper was literally inedible. I touched my tongue to it. That's it. It was searing for hours, welted my lip, and honestly, had no other flavor other than BLAZING HOT. If it was actually eaten/ingested in any quantity, I think it would have disastrous consequences in one's digestive system :-)

      I've really never experienced anything this hot in my life! If I ate it, I just don't know what would have happened...