Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pomegranate Molasses for your Valentine

For easy, yet sophisticated drinks: Put your Pomegranate Molasses in anything, about 1 tsp to start, up to a tablespoon per drink, depending on how strongly flavored you like it.  It's great in any kind of alcohol, really.  You could also make Pomegranate Kir Royals (put some molasses in champagne), mix with gin or with vodka (pomegranate martinis), etc. etc.  You can't go wrong.  

Here it is in whiskey. 

For super easy, yet highly sophisticated dessert(s): Vanilla Ice Cream with Pomegranate Molasses.  
It's an unbelievably delicious combination.  Can't believe I haven't been eating this all my life.

If you are serving this for Valentine's Day, I highly suggest you do not serve it in a coffee cup. But, it's kinda chic, I guess, if done in a cute cup, not the one you normally drink out of every morning.

My favorite soy-based ice cream is Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Vanilla, made with mostly organic ingredients (definitely organic soy milk).

Also, you can make a Pomegranate Molasses Theme, and have more Pomegranate Molasses flavored things, like as a marinade for tofu/tempeh/seitan, or in a salad dressing, or anything else you can think of.  

To find it: try your supermarket's Middle Eastern section if they have one, or order it on Amazon.  It is used frequently in Middle Eastern cooking.  It's AMAZING.  And if you are local, yes, they have it at Wegmans! 

<3 Have a lovely Valentine's Day <3


  1. Ah I've always thought to look for some but I forget whenever I'm at a store that might carry it. It's definitely not the color I expected but it sure sounds delicious. Anything over ice cream - or in booze - usually is.

  2. Yeah, the color, I know, but since it's molasses it is brown, but a pretty brown!

    It has a wonderful, nowhere-else-found, complex, sweet-tart taste that is addictive. Sort of like an awesome, fruity, sweetish, aged balsamic vinegar.

    Get some!!