Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Bonanza 2012

So, here's what I made (and ate!) for my birthday!

 Old Fashioned Chelsea Waffles made with my Homemade Soy Milk (from the Tempeh making process).  The recipe is in Vegan Brunch.  

 The homemade soy milk gave them this gorgeous mottled look, especially around the edges, where it was most striking.  I've never seen it before when making these (I usually use Trader Joe's Original Soy Milk to make them).  These were particularly tender and tasty, and I really think it was the homemade soy milk that did it...

 For lunch, my Homemade Tempeh marinated in an Asian type marinade, then sauteed in my cast iron pan, served over Cilantro Scallion Basmati.

 For dinner, pressure cooker Cuban Black Beans over my Ten Minute Polenta (recipe post to come for that, it's SOOO easy).  
 Cuban Black Beans over Organic Polenta with cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, and pimento olives (traditional to serve with Cuban Black Beans :-)

For dessert, a gift from my sister: The Luscious Locavore Box from Lagusta's Luscious.  

 I love the Blueberry Black Pepper Currant one best!  The others are Apple Fennel, Coriander Beet, and Raspberry Balsamic.  All are fantastic!

I poured the rest of the polenta into my new 10 inch Nordic Ware non-stick loaf pan.  This is a teaser for tomorrow night's dinner (or at least that's what I'm thinking right now)...

And, now, for the presents.

From my husband, I got a REAL roasting pan, a gorgeous one from Cuisinart.  I have been using my jelly roll pan for a few years now.
 Behold! All that shiny stainless steel :-)

These are my gifts to myself!
 This burger press is so hokey and fun looking, I just had to have it!  I have no idea if it will work for veggie burgers, but it's going to be fun trying.  So hilarious.

Lastly, from Nordic Ware's "Platinum" line, the Garland Mini-Bundt Pan.  Gorgeous.  Can't wait to try it.  
I still have to make my birthday cake, maybe they will be belated bundt cakes!

We're gonna have a good time with all our new kitchen toys, aren't we?


  1. All I think of is OMG. The waffles are so beautiful, but the tempeh! If it tasted half as good as it looks it must have been amazing. Polenta is one of my favorite foods — so creamy and delicious, and I love the toppings you chose.

    Enjoy your great birthday gifts, and, happy birthday!

    1. Thanks, Andrea, you are so sweet!!

      And, yes, the homemade tempeh is in a class by itself. Have you ever had it before? Once you do, you'll go through the trouble to make the incubator :-) or, at least, that's what happened to me! At least polenta is easy!! :-)))