Sunday, April 3, 2011

Juice Goose

So, we went to Whole Foods in Marlton, NJ today.  I was on a mission.  A juicing mission.

 Me, with pulp. 

 Dragged the Breville out from the basement!  Do you see my juice goose? He loved it.

 Plunder from Whole Foods.  HOLY prices.  You don't want to know. I thought about posting a photo of the receipt, seriously.  It's Wegmans and Trader Joe's for me!!

 These beauties are worth the $$ though (they weren't that expensive, it was the other, more "normal" stuff that was jacked!).

Organic apple, carrot & celery layers.

 Apple, carrot & celery juice.  WAY too sweet for me.

So, I added some spinach and more celery, with a squeeze of organic lime juice. Better.

Would love some juice recipes, guys, this is fairly new for me.  I need to try adding some ginger and garlic because I like it spicy.  I am really interested in green juices, I have a Breville ikon mulit-speed juice fountain.  Want to do like a juicing for energy/cleanse kind of thing.  Any help is appreciated, especially links to blogs or websites.  Trying not to buy any more books for right now.

Have a great week, guys! <3 Dawn


  1. Have you tried adding horseradish (just a wee bit!) Gives veg juice a proper kick!

  2. Great idea, Amy! No, I haven't but will definitely try that. I LOVE hot & spicy.

  3. I love juicing!! :-)

    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  4. Debra, I checked out your blog and may try some of your green smoothies! Do you use a normal blender or a VitaMix? I don't have the coveted VM blender (at least not yet). I am very interested in going a bit more raw these days.