Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vegan stuff in the news

Veganism is getting a lot of press lately, thought you guys might be interested to see a few of the articles that have been posted by the vegan pros.  This article from The Atlantic comes to us courtesy of VegNews' post on FB

Also, the most recent beef recall:  This is Erik's page from, but the link to the recall is at the end of his article.  Check out the cartoon lady.  If you have questions about food safety, just give that cartoon lady a call and she'll take care of it.

PETA's recent article generated something like over 300 comments on FB:

Erik Marcus of posted this article a few days ago about 1 million pigs being buried alive due to a foot & mouth outbreak, omg:,_Mass_Criticism

And in another link from Erik, an interesting story about the vegan cheese everyone loves, Daiya!

Guys, I am working on a new recipe post, hang in there!

Have a great day, Dawn

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