Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Mid-Week Conversation

So, it's funny. I've been reading a few of PETA's status updates occasionally (on facebook, of course) and the fights that break out over what starts out as the most benign stuff is really amusing.  I got involved in one a couple weeks ago on "Fashion Friday," and it got nasty between some of the folks.  Much of the dialogue (in the form of FB comments, of course) has been totally erased.  Nearly half the comments for the post (it was up to about 300 when I stopped following it, it has been edited down to 150). Thought it would be fun to break it down for y'all:

Peta's status post: "Check us out, we are hot!" (hot, young female staff pictured wearing leather looking boots)

FB1: you guys look amazing!

FB2: so hot! Great outfits.

FB3: yeah, I wish I looked like that!

Slaughterpuppy: Die, Vegans! I am going to eat a huge steak covered in blood, just like your boots!

FB4: Oh, you guys look so great, where are the boots from? Are they leather?

Iluvanimlz: @ Slaughterpuppy, um, what is your problem? The boots are synthetic, cruelty free leather.

FB6: How cool!

KillEverything: I love to rape cows. And then slaughter them and eat them.

Slaughterpuppy: (essentially) My problem is you stupid vegans. (And that is why I love to argue on PETA's FB page)

Vegan7: Get campylobacter, Slaughterpuppy!

Iluvanimlz: E. Coli for Slaughterpuppy.  Can someone have him removed?
(one like)

Slaughterpuppy: Get raped, Iluvanimals (This is a direct quote. No joke. Obviously it was removed later).

FB8,9,10, etc.: Oh, pretty! and, I wish I had that and I love PETA you guys rock, etc. completely ignoring arrestable exchange perpetrated by Slaughterpuppy.

FB11: A rant about something either pro or anti-animal related. A few.

Offtheedge: I can't even believe anyone at PETA would wear anything that looked like dead animals. Disgusting! (several versions of this, by several different folks)

GoodE2Shoes: Why does this page have more "likes" than the Rhino page?

Annoyer200: Nice leather boots.

VF: So, throw everything not vegan (all leather products in the whole world, including all of those being used by lots of people, every day) into a landfill?

FB50, 67, 201:  (to the tune of) Are those leather boots? WTF Peta!

KillEverything: I'd eat a rhino.  In fact, I'm eating one now.  And I'm wearing leather boots.

The End.
And with that, have a tolerable rest of your week.  Ta ta for now.

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