Thursday, January 30, 2014

Restorative River Walks

Well, I've had a lot of unwanted "excitement" here in the past few months. LSS (long story short) I've had kidney and related problems on and off since April that have been worsening since November, including a week long kidney "event" over Christmas vacation, four rounds of antibiotics (since July after 20+ years without any) and advocacy turned argument with the medical system. And, my tooth is still not resolved after five months of trying to fix it.

Now, I have a cold from my son's school.

It's just not going well.

But, I've been trying to get out and walk everyday along Cooper River and Hopkins Pond to keep myself active, regardless of how I'm feeling. That has been wonderful.

Here are some pictures:

               The Duckery.                                 Slippery Boot Prints                                                                                                                                                    Driveway Bunny 


                                                                          Woodland Bunnies!

There are a few male kingfishers who have overwintered and assertively guard their river territory, flying furiously back and forth and chattering their raucous chatter! 

(If you like you can read more about the Cooper River Watchable Wildlife Walk, the map there doesn't seem to include the portion in Haddonfield and Cherry Hill that I walk, but that's OK!).

Frozen seagull tracks or cross country ski pole imprints? :-)

Hard to know...

Hopkins Pond after the fresh snow we got on Tuesday night.

BTW, if you like these and want to see more, I'm mostly on Instagram these days, posting a pic or two a day from my walks, when I can take them.

Have a peaceful day!


  1. Hi Dawn, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! Kidney scares are no fun - I was on antibiotics for a related infection recently too.
    The walk looks like a beautiful one. Hopefully you are spending time recuperating inside too - how about that poetry?;)

    1. Thanks! Sorry, too, to hear about your bout with abx, hope you are on the mend!

      The poem is staying safely in her word document for now! The poem that goes with these pics is nursery rhyme-y, and not indicative of my usual style, so I think would be a weird one to share first with everyone. I'm not sure what to make of it myself!

      Maybe soon! :-)