Saturday, May 18, 2013

Berry Wranglin'!

Well, it's May! Time to wrangle up some berries down on the farm.

 Just look at those bright red darlings!

Here I am at the farm.  You really shouldn't watch this video.  Nope!
YouTube isn't behaving right now and won't let me upload the thumbnail but click on that link and it'll take you there.  But you shouldn't.

Anyhoo, ya'll know how to pick some berries, right? No?  NO IDEA? Well, here's how:
'Cause I know nobody's got no clue at all how to pick a damn berry.  What was I thinkin'?
 Had to annotate it some to make it a little more excitin' like.

After we picked 'em, we got ta eatin' 'em in style.

Then, we stopped by Katona Farms (just down the road a touch) to get us some asparagusses.

 They had thin, medium and thick asparaguys for all your asparaguy needs.


And I made a farm kitty friend!

I think I'll make some easy strawberry jam with those berries now.

Hasta pronto!


  1. Yay! I cannot wait for the first local strawberries. And I am pretty sure we'll go berry picking, too.

  2. I am SO excited that its finally strawberry season!!

    1. Right? It's the best part of late spring. Oh, and asparagus! I LOVE asparagus, too.

      The worst part is mosquitoes.

  3. I remember the single immutable rule of strawberry picking as a kid - one for the basket, one for the mouth! yum!

    1. My son adheres to this rule, but it's more like a two to one ratio of mouth to basket. Oh well!

  4. Hey Dawn - We won't have strawberries in Michigan for another month or so. I planted a bunch in my garden, so that should be fun. I love your simple recipe for Quick Jam... I might just have to try that! Happy Weekend!!

    1. Tracy, can't wait to hear about your berries! How exciting!

      Let me know if you do try the Quick Jam recipe, I love it. If you get a TON of berries and make more jam than you can eat in three weeks, you can just go ahead and can the recipe, too, for longer storage.