Sunday, September 30, 2012

September's Bounty

Here were my CSA hauls from the last three weeks in September:

Week # 16 (9/12/12):  
Parsley, Sweet Peppers (4), Jalapenos (5), Broccoli (one small one!), Cherry Tomatoes (1/2 pint), Arugula, Collard Greens (peeking out on the right side of the bag of arugula), Green Beans, Eggplants (2),  AND:

Week #16, Cont: Tomatoes! Heirloom and Slicing.

 Pa's Pickins!  Sunday, 9/16/12: 
Slicing tomatoes (2 quarts), Jalapenos (however many pieces we were allowed, I forget), Raspberries (1 pint, yeay!), Grape Tomatoes, and Assorted Herbs (thyme, oregano & chives)

 Week #17 (9/19/12):  
Arugula, Sweet Peppers (4), Eggplant (1), Slicing Tomatoes (behind and below, haha), Pumpkin (YEAH!!), Sage, Green Beans, Jalapenos (2), Grape Tomatoes (1 pint), Parsley and Collards.  In the sink were two heads of lettuce and two beets!

Week #17, Cont: A closer-up of the slicing tomatoes.

And, the last week in September:
 Week #18 (9/26/12): 
Tons of tomatoes (slicing, heirloom, and 3 pints of cherry tomatoes), a HUGE head of Radicchio, Baby Bok Choy (small bunch), Parsley, Collards, Sweet Peppers, Arugula.  

This pepper struck me very funny, like the garlic from Week # 15 :-)

 Week #18, Cont: 
We got two beets and two heads of lettuce, also (they were in the sink).

Look closely at these hauls, my friends, for many of them will be featured in our MoFo adventures!

Can you guess which item(s) will be featured first?

OH SO EXCITED!!  Don't worry, we're going to start off easy, guys...

Don't forget! MoFo starts at Midnight! Stop by here to find out the theme for October!

October 1st through October 31st, 2012.

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